Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day At The Museum and Fun Facts

Boy am I a slacker.
After work, Bob and I went to the movies,
so I did not complete my Friday Fun Facts yesterday.
We decided to go see Men In Black III.
It was good I thought.
If you have seen the first two, then go see this one for sure.

Warning, this is a long post.
OK, here are the facts for this week.
1. It takes about three apples to make one glass of apple cider.
( I do love my apple cider)
2. Sea otters hold hands when they sleep so they don't drift apart.
(Aaaww, that is too cute)
3. A decapitated head stays alive for up to 30 seconds.
(Now that is creepy)
4. The Price is Right debuted in November of 1956,
making it the longest running game show in history.
(Go Bob Barker..oops forgot he retired)
5. More germs are transferred shaking hands than by kissing.
6. As an adult you have more than 20 sq ft of skin on your body.
About the same sq ft as a blanket that would fit a queen size bed.
(I probably have about 25 sq ft...
as mine has stretched around the mid section)
7. The average person has 100,ooo hairs on their head.
(One exception is Howie Mandel)
Next on the agenda for today.
Wednesday our antique club went t the Henry Ford Museum.
The Titanic exhibit is there now through September.
This is a travelling exhibit.
If by chance it comes to town or city near you,
I highly recommend it.

Bob and I were given a replica boarding pass
from the Titanic Artifact exhibition.
On the back of each boarding pass
was the name of an actual person who sailed on the Titanic.
Bob's ticket number was 30769
This ticket was for Mr. William Gilbert.
Age 47
Mr. Gilbert was sailing from Southampton April 10th, 1912
travelling alone to Butte Montana.

After working several years as a miner with his father in Butte, Montana,
William traveled to Cornwall England for a three month holiday.
He was returning to Butte where his sister Mary ran a boarding house
 for many of the Cornish miners living in the area.
William was due back in Montana in March 1912,
but he delayed his return in order to sail on the Titanic.
He was a 2nd class passenger who never made it back to Montana.

My ticket was number 17558.
This ticket was for Mrs. James Baxter
(Helene de Lanaudiere Chaput)
Age 50
Helene Baxter was sailing with her son (Quigg) and daughter (Mrs. Frederick Douglas)
from Cherourg April 10, 1912
travelling to Quebec, Canada.

Helene was returning from Europe where she sought medical advice
for her heart condition.
Helene did not know her son Quigg had sneaked his new found love
Berthe A. Mayne (Bertha de Villiers) aboard Titanic
and installed her in another first class cabin.
Quigg planned to marry Berthe when they arrived in Canada. 
All four were 1st class passengers.
Helene lived after the Titanic sank.
Her daughter and son did not.
It is not known if Berthe did.

Just reading about these travelers
gave more meaning to all those who lost their lives
that fateful trip.

Going through the exhibit gave me the chills.
We were not allowed to take pictures, however
seeing items that belonged to the actual passengers...
it was an eerie feeling to say the least.
The Titanic was 11 stories high and was thought to be unsinkable.

Spring Blessings to all


  1. Thanks for the fun facts and the Titanic review Janice! Sure wish we could make it ~*~Lisa

  2. I had no idea a head lived that long after decapitation. I saw the exhibit several years ago and I loved it!

  3. I hope I'm never decapitated. :o Oh how I wish I could get to that Titanic exhibit. My niece went when it was in Milwaukee I believe and said it was amazing. Wow - your passenger was really fascinating....I could see another movie in the makings! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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