Thursday, May 25, 2023

A Red Beauty

 Hello friends!
Today I want to show and tell
my red beauty!
This piece has lived under our tv table
since I brought it home 6 years ago.
Time for this piece to shine. 

The left side.

Mouse hole in the front.

Right side.

Can you guess what it is?
Even though my bad pics do not look like it is red,
it is an old red color in person.
This red beauty holds some more of my magazines.
I actually had to take those out before moving it.
If you guessed dough box, you were correct.

With my recent plans of moving furniture
in there final place here in the house,
the dough box is one that will remain here on 
the table now for many years. 

I can always change what goes on top.

For now my horse resides on it.

In other news,
Saundra wondered where I work.
I am a Commercial Loan Officer for a major bank.
(cannot say which one though)
I assist business clients with their accounts.
I actually went to one of our offices yesterday
for a team meeting.
It took me an hour and a half to get there,
and 2 hours 15 minutes to get home.
When I return back to my office it will take
me approx. 1 hour each way in good traffic.
I miss my co-workers, but not the drive.

Lauren stated that I always have the best faux flowers.
All of my florals either come from 
Ragon House or Sullivan's wholesale companies.
I have to purchase between $300-$500
with every order for the gift shop.
I figure I am entitles to take a few home.
You have to have a business tax id to purchase.

With our nice weather this week, 
I have been grilling each night.
Cajun Turkey Sausage, Shrimp & Corn on the cob
Chicken Kabobs with Pineapple, Red Pepper & Onion
Yesterday though I brought subs home.
Tonight we are going out for Thai food with friends.
No rain  for another week...knock on wood.
Means more grilling for me.
I LOVE grilling season!

What will your Memorial Weekend plans be?

 Blessings To All!


  1. Great color on that box. It must be hard to commute after being home so long. We are still a bit chilly so not much grilling yet

  2. The furthest away I worked was an hour's drive but had a couple jobs which only took me a 5 minute drive. My weekend will be hooking, lol.

  3. Love love the box and the horse on top. I look forward to your ideas and blog postings. Saw your other horse for sale and I am so tempted. Your ideas always inspire me.

  4. Ooo, that's a real beauty! Glad it is more prominently displayed now. I think you should alternate the white horse with that awesome one you were intending to take to the store to sell. 😉 (Yes, I'm still thinking about it...if only I were closer LOL) I really miss grilled food. I have never ever grilled believe it or not. My husband was the griller. I don't even have a grill now but am thinking of investing in a little portable one...but then I will have to have someone teach me how to use it. ~Robin~

  5. The red on very old pieces is a favorite of mine. What a great box...mouse hole and all. Most of our furniture has found permanent homes, but I have learned to never say never. :~}

  6. Ragon house isn't far from me! Their big spring sale was just last week. Unfortunately I didn't get there. I will try in November. On Facebook it sure looked like they had a ton of stuff though. I love the mouse hole on your red item...makes me laugh to think of a mouse going for the bread dough! We always plant our garden on Memorial Day weekend and since the weather is going to be sunny and nice on Monday I think we'll grill out some ribs! We haven't had rain in a while and I hope we get some next week. Didn't think I'd ever wish for that! Ha! Have a nice Memorial Day weekend!

  7. I, too, am not that far from Ragon house and always forget to go to their twice yearly sales. Dang! Missed it again.
    There is only one day of rain in our forecast at the end of next week. Ugh! It is too early to need to water.
    That was quite a commute to the meeting. Even an hour each way is grueling ;-(

  8. I like grilled meat, but lately I've become very sensitive to the smell, so I tend to use the griller sparingly. If things don;t go better, I'll probably stop using it.

  9. Grilling season is the best; I love it too! And well done with your trunk!


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