Thursday, April 27, 2023

More Store Spring

Hello my friends!
Let's go Spring shop virtually and let me know if you
 see something you like.
I really dont expect you to purchase anything,
just want your comments if you see
something you like.

In other news, 
part of the changes that are coming.

Well Bob and I decided to put our antique store
Back Porch Antiques up for sale.
Since his stroke he has not come back 100%.
He puts on a good act with customers,
but he worries about his quality of life.
We have never enjoyed going on vacations.
The one time my work paid for us to go
to Kansas City, we were plagued with 
phone calls and issues from folks working the store.
Even the two days we took for our anniversary,
 he got phone calls.
Not sure yet what we will do with the gift shop,
but we may sell that one too.
At least if we do decide to close that store
for a few days, we wont get bombarded by
phone calls...we can just put a sign on the door
saying when we will re-open.

Sandra wanted to know what was holding my
coverlet from my last post.
It is called a blanket crane.
This is a repro.
I found it in a cute little primitive shop in Ohio
one year.
They had them on red, white, gold and white.
I bought in in red.
Wish I could remember the name of the store.
It has been years though.
I honestly do not know when prim blanket cranes
 started appearing in homes.
Real cranes were used for cooking in the fireplace,
not for blankets or coverlets and were made
from iron to withstand the heat.

I also forgot to answer Saundra's question.
No I have never caught an orb while taking
pictures of my home.
One would think I would with all of our
early antiques.
On the other hand, we do have one ghost 
for sure in our house which I believe is a male.
Ask my son & he will tell you we have two.
Either way, we have not been bothered by
any ghosts however many we do have.
They must like how I decorate & feel comfortable here.

Store Spring Blessings To All!


  1. Of course I love all your bunnies but that vase with hand was really cool and unusual.
    Perhaps with less stress on Bob by selling the antique store he will recover faster. Both of you just might find it a good decision in the end even tho you're questioning it right now.

  2. Your store is looking great. As for me, things with rabbits just make me smile. And it doesn't matter whether it is an inside or outside rabbit. They never get old to me.

    It makes some sense, closing the antique store. Perhaps there are some things there you can absorb into the gift shop? Rick is in the same boat with vacations. He'll go but he spends a lot of time on the phone or online trying to troubleshoot client things. (He's trying to retire, with mixed results!) It would be so nice for you two to just be able to take a week or so and enjoy a trip or other quality of life things.

  3. I love all your bunnies and greenery. They make me smile and I always have one a little ceramic bunny container with cover on my bathroom vanity that I love. He's so cute.

    I'm sorry that you may have to close both stores but it must be such a difficult decision to make but in the end it might be the best thing to do. The stress of all this must weigh heavily on Bob and can't be good for his recovery.

    After making the choice of closing my ceramic greenware manufacturing business, it felt so liberating, no employees to worry about and large orders to fill on time and the constant ordering of new molds and merchandise. No more long hours working on my feet all day and night. I felt free and just shifted my priorities to include more family time in my day. It was a wise decision for me.

    I hope that you get a buyer for the antique shop soon.
    Take care, hugs.

  4. Of course everything is beautiful, but the hand vase was calling me when I came in and still calls to me. I guess I better get up there if I want it. Sad to hear you are selling the store but that will relieve some stress. Hoping you and Bob find a happy medium that brings much joy to life.

  5. Like the others who have commented before me, while I find bunnies irresistible, it is that hand vase that grabs me and it DEFINITELY would have come home with me. I also have never seen faux irises or lilies - I love them! What a difficult decision regarding the store I'm sure, but you will know what is right and when. I truly don't know how you've been keeping up with all you do. ~Robin~

  6. Sending a hug and I do understand the need to close the one shop. I agree with CrankyCrow, how do you do it all now!! You amaze me.
    I LOVE the bunny bookends.
    Enjoy the weekend!

  7. All the items in your shop look lovely to me.
    You should consider quality of life above all, even if it will mean less profit. Wishing you a smooth and successful selling of the antique shop!

  8. Oh! I'll take one of those, and one of those, and 2 of those!!! I guess I should ;narrow it down! I like the second pic with the cement..(it looks like cement) bunny. I love all the items though and I do hope you can find someone to take over the shops that will do as good a job as you and Bob have done. I know this has to be a difficult decision but life changes and we know in our hearts when it's time to go along with that change. I ran into one of our retired surgeons and he asked if I still enjoyed working. He said when it's not fun anymore, then it's time to go. I decided a year ago to go back after my almost 2yr retirement. It's till fun but i find myself thinking that after this year I may call it quits for good. Have a good weekend Janice and if you're ever in my neck of the Ohio woods...Ashland..please stop by!

  9. Of course I, too, adore all the bunnies!
    Good luck with the sale of the antique shop. I don't know how you keep up with working full time and spending weekends at the shop. The reduced stress will be beneficial to Bob's continued recovery.
    I hope it all works out as smoothly as possible.

  10. You are the 3rd antique shop keeper that I know who has decided to "retire" from their shop keeping. Not "retire" from buying and collecting....ahaha. Best of luck for a quick sale. I'd keep the other too. Like you said, open when you want.

  11. Hi Janice! I adore all the sweet little bunnies in your shop. I am sure it will be bittersweet to say goodbye to your store, but hopefully you will find much joy and peace of mind in your next life season. Sending hugs and positive vibes. Jane


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