Wednesday, April 19, 2023

A Pleasing Progression


Good morning friends.

So since I am not a fan of hooking 
mundane backgrounds
like some friends I know. <wink> <wink>

I decided to start working on the other tree and sky
after hooking the horse's rear.
This way the horse...which I really wanted to do,
would have to wait.

I also decided to hook my leaves smaller
as they went up the tree.

My second dog is hooked in white
for our dog Tundra.

I also outlined him like my other dog.

Using up worms, the dog is running on some hills.
Doing what dogs do least Tundra
likes to run around like a maniac at times in our yard.

Working my way up.
Am pleased with this thus far.
If you notice I have been adding
some turquoise in.
I found 6 worms of this color,
so I wanted to use them up.

In other news,
have been doing some Spring cleaning.
Finding prims I have not seen in years,
so some will be off to the store to be sold.

We had Summer weather last week which was nice,
but then Mother Nature came back with rain,
snow and rain/snow mix these past few days.
Am not complaining though as I know many of
my blogging friends got 10 plus inches of snow.

Tonight we are taking my daughter out to dinner.
Her birthday is Saturday, so since everyone is
busy that day...tonight it is.

Well better get back to work.

Have a great rest of your week!

Pleasing Progression Blessings To All!


  1. You're doing a great job on this rug. We had a wee bit of rain and I hope it won't rain anymore because we are on flood watch. One of our lane connecting to the main road has been closed because of water over the road but we can still drive over the other lane as there is only a little water over that lane but things can change. So far so, good.

    Happy Birthday to your daughter.

    Hugs, Julia

  2. Those winks can't be for me because I'm not crazy about boring backgrounds OR binding rugs, lol. Great idea to put Tundra in the rug. When I did my background I also used up some different wool and it worked in just fine.
    Oh dear, spring cleaning another chore which needs to be done here.

  3. Happy Birthday to your daughter. :-)

    I love that Tundra will be in the rug.

    I am spring cleaning too. We are planning to go in with 3 other friends to have a garage sale in June.

  4. Happy birthday to your daughter. I hope she is finally healthy!!!
    Great progress on the rug. You will be done soon.

  5. Janice, I love the new rug. I envy you your talent. Happy belated birthday to your daughter and happy spring..xxoJudy

  6. Happy early Birthday to your daughter - hope she is doing well. You're making wonderful progress on your rug! I, too, love the personalization of the dog for Tundra. I also really like your ground color...perfect! Snowing again here today. Ugh. ~Robin~

  7. Happy Birthday to your daughter !!!
    I Love your hooking project and the colors you are using !!! Very pretty !

  8. Love your rug - you are the best at this! So sweet to incorporate Tundra. Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  9. Oh I really like that pattern. Great job with the colors. It feels nice to clear out sometimes.

  10. I fell greatly in love with your last picture! Happy belated Birthday to your daughter!

  11. Spring cleaning definitely has pluses and minuses. I love the rug. And enjoy the birthday dinner. Happy birthday to her!

  12. I really love the colors you've's going to be wonderful, What a creative talent you have!

  13. Happy birthday to your daughter! I think your progress on that piece is coming along great and looks so good. I love when I find things after cleaning that I can give away and you having a place to sell your things is great! I've been slowly cleaning out closets and trying to get rid of "stuff". Have a nice rest of the weekend.

  14. Yes that is turning out great. I love the personalization as well


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