Friday, January 21, 2022

Winter In Full Gear

 Hello dear friends.
As we wind down the month of January,
I wanted to show you our
gift shop window display.

On Christmas day we changed the entire
Christmas displays out to Winter.
This is a portion of the window display.
I created the white trees using white cardboard.

We moved most of the trees here and just 
changed out to all white lights.

We have a pretty big window,
yet it was full.

Full of snowmen, trees and penguins.

These vintage like white lit trees came
in the week of Christmas.
I guess better late than never.
We are still having supply issues,
however according to our government this
has been solved.
Guess not in our state.

Just love the white lights reflecting on 
the white chenille I used to mimic snow.

Finally this is the display that greets you
when you walk through the door.

Now for those local who want to come
see this in person...
well we already changed it out.
We kept it up for 3 weeks and decided
we needed to have the big window changed
for Valentine's Day now.
Our side window still does have some 
of the snowman displays.

In other news,
my daughter is feeling much better.
However her appointment the other day,
her doctor stressed that there is still a 20% chance
another infection could happen,
and she would have to endure another surgery.
Am praying she is the 80% now.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
Tundra and I will be doing tax stuff
and possible making some more Easter goodies.

What are your plans for the weekend?

Wintertime Blessings To All!


  1. I like your cheery winter window. I'm really glad that your daughter is still healing and hopefully she is will continue doing well on the road to a full recovery with no other infections.

    As January is quickly slipping away, I feel spring is getting closer and closer everyday and I love to see more daylight every day.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your Valentine store display.


    1. Yes January is almost over and Spring is just around the corner now. Will probably show off the Valentine store display in February sometime. I hope your brother is doing better. Janice

  2. Very cute displays! Oh praying she is in 80%. I am going to visit my daughter and take a soap making class. Enjoy the taxes...ahaha...I have to do that too

    1. Me too Jacky. She has gone through so much. Make sure you do a post on your soap making adventure! Janice

  3. I'll be making an excursion to find cat food (I hope!) and a few other supplies. Otherwise staying inside and working on a quilt top for QOV and my Halloween Smalls casket.

    I don't do any winter decorating. Your displays are nice!

    1. Sure would like to know what a Halloween smalls casket is. Hope you were very productive over the weekend. Janice

  4. Your window display was so sweet!!! I'm sure the customers loved it. I did not realize they were reproducing the vintage trees. Too funny. I have a large green one...somewhere in my attic...that my mom made decades ago.
    Supply issues solved? LMAO!!! Maybe now that he will be out and about he will see this is NOT true...but still will deny it.

    1. Thanks Lauren. I love doing the displays. I remember my mom once telling me that I should own a craft store because I like to create things. Little did she know at the time I would own two stores. Yeah I love how folks have blinders on with this administration. Janice

  5. And continued prayers for your daughter.

  6. Praying your daughter does NOT get another infection and her wellness will quickly result in back to healthy. You do very nice displays and perhaps it is a good thing you have something to keep your mind and hands busy.

    1. Thanks Saundra! Yes hoping & praying myself she continues to heal with no issues. Janice

  7. Your window displays are always wonderful. If I were local Your store would always be a favorite. I so hope your daughter continues to do well.

    1. Thanks Mary! I love creating the store displays. Janice

  8. I hope & pray your daughter will not need another surgery too , she has been thru enough ! Her body needs to get strong & heal ....
    Your displays are pretty ...
    Will be staying inside my house all weekend , its freezing out ! And supply issues are still happening here too !

    1. Thanks a bunch! We had snow all weekend, including another 3 inches today. Janice

  9. Another laid back weekend. All good wishes and thoughts for your daughter's continued recovery. As for your displays, they are absolutely charming. I'm sure everyone wants to stop by your windows and come in!

    1. Thanks Jeanie! No rest for the weary for me it seems. But I do like working the store on weekends. Janice

  10. Praying for complete recovery for your daughter! I loved all your snowmen! So cute. I just put up my Valentines decor today. This weekend will be filled with wood splitting, house cleaning, cooking, cleaning, and friends. Just the usual! Have a good weekend!

    1. Thanks! Well hopefully more time spent with friends than work for you. Janice

  11. Keeping your daughter in my thoughts and prayers. What a long haul for her.
    I will work Sat and Sunday I will meet a friend for a hike I hope

  12. Your winter displays are so very charming, Janice. I, too, love the white lights and while I didn't have a proper Christmas tree, I do have 3 little lighted ones and don't have the heart to put them away. It's going to be so dark!! So I'm not. LOL. As for weekend plans, I am going to make a big pot of split soup tomorrow, make a loaf of bread, put away more Christmas (but not the trees!) and then cheer the Packers on. Sunday I hope to work on finally finishing two small Valentine stitches I did ages ago but never fully finished. Continuing prayers for your daughter. Stay warm! It's ffffridgid here! ~Robin~

    1. Hopefully you were able to finish your stitches and will share with us at some point. We had snow all weekend and even today all day. Tundra loved it! Janice

  13. Praying for your daughter and your family.

    I am taking a wee little break from painting. The major wall painting will be done tonight. We will lay the new floor next Saturday. It is looking good, I am so pleased with the colors we decided on for our kitchen. :-)

  14. Cannot wait to see your kitchen redo! Janice


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