Wednesday, January 5, 2022

A Christmas Bath


Happy New Year Friends!

      Cannot believe a new year
is here already.
We both were in bed by 10:00pm
New Year's Eve. LOL

Here is what's been happening in my world.

Right after Christmas 
we lost a friend's wife to covid.

Bob fell off a chair in our storage room
and almost broke his neck.
He was inches away from hitting his head
on a cement statue he put in there on the floor.
His back is still pretty bruised.

My daughter ended up in ER the other day.
She has still been in pain and the surgeons
kept saying she had to work through it.
She went to her normal doctor and then
back to ER at his advise.
This time surgery to scrape an infection
which occurred near her bone.
She thought something was wrong.
She needs to get another doctor in my opinion.
Prayers for her on getting better.
This was her 3rd surgery now since
a week before Thanksgiving.

We spent Christmas Eve night
and Christmas day changing the gift store
from Christmas to Winter and Valentine's.
{more to come on that in upcoming posts}

I started creating bunnies for Spring.
{yes I have to be ahead of the seasons}

We got our first major snowstorm
with 6 inches of the white stuff.
Not a lot for those in Wisconsin though.
But a lot for us in one storm.
My nephews wife in North Carolina
got her wish for snow.
Not here in Michigan when they came up for Christmas,
but at home in North Carolina. LOL 

I had to already order my Christmas decor
for this year...or I would not get it by Christmas.
My themes will be more gingerbread,
red/green and a Nordic Christmas.

I hope you are not tired of Christmas,
because I wanted to share a few pics
of our bathroom.
Tied a bit of red velvet to my oil lamp.

Placed my lil Noel pillow
in with some rusty bells and  real chestnuts.
I picked these off the ground in my mom's town
one year when we went to breakfast.
They still look good after many years.

Another display on the other side of our sink.

My newest vintage Santa in here.

We sold these fun signs at the gift store,
So I took one home for myself.

The cabinet above our toilet.

I so love vintage Christmas boxes.
Back in the day you really did not need wrapping paper
with these festive boxes.

I created these peppermint candy sticks many years ago.
Kept one for myself.
I even made the wrapper and aged it 
with a stain spray.

Another festive display.

Added another piece of velvet ribbon
with my cross stitch pillow in the basket.

Now originally I had my poinsettia bush
here in another basket.

When Bob fell, he dented in this 
vintage like pail.
Unable to sell it now,
no one was the wiser with me placing
my poinsettia in it.
It will stay home now with me.
Just glad Bob is ok.

While I am sure most of you have taken down
your Christmas decor, I plan on keeping
mine up until mid January.
Always have, always will.
Will then keep my greens up for Winter,
and add some snowmen.
Do you decorate for Winter?

Post Christmas Bath Blessings To All!




  1. Oh Janice, what horrible things have happened to your family in a few short weeks leading up to Christmas. Glad Bob didn't hit the concrete statue or he'd be worse than a sore back. Praying for your daughter's quick recovery and think she needs a new doctor as well. Am hoping this is her LAST surgery.

    1. Thank you Saundra. Am hoping this is her last surgery too! She has gone through too much already. Janice

  2. Oh my goodness! Yes, praying for your daughter and Bob! Nordic all the way...for me! I'm looking at Christmas too, I enjoy it through first part of January anyway. I plan to do a gnome display and add some Valentine touches in another area. Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks Jacky! Well am hoping the Nordic look sell, but 15 years ago we brought primitives into town at an antique store we decided to go into and the owner told us we were crazy. We were so crazy, we ended up being his top vendor in the store. 2 years later we opened our own store. Janice

  3. My goodness, Janice, I hope that your daughter finally heal well. How terrible that all this has happened just before Christmas. Yes, I think she needs a more competent doctor. She sure has gone through a lot of pain already. I glad that Bob is OK and I know it could have been worst. Things can change in the blink of an eye.

    I don't decorate for winter anymore but I start looking in seeds catalogues and dreaming of starting seeds for spring, hoping that we don't get flooded in 2022.

    Wishing you a good year 2022.


    1. Thanks Julia. Me too. Yes things do happen in the blink of an eye. We had a wrong way driver on the freeway hit a car and both he and the the other driver were killed. Such a sad loss. Janice

  4. Oh my goodness hope your daughter finds a good Doctor too ....your husband was very lucky , hope they both feel better soon .
    Your decorations are pretty . I bring out my snowmen when I put Cmas things away & since I Love hearts , they are always around ...
    Take care

    1. So glad to hear someone else brings out snowman. Hubby is doing better. My daughter had to have a blood transfusion today. Hopefully she will be on the mend now. Janice

  5. Oh Janice, your poor daughter! I do hope she changes doctors, I hate hearing that doctors tell people to just work through pain, seriously? Just terrible. And so thankful that Bob didn't do more damage in that fall. I always read these stories to my husband to remind him that things can happen so fast, as Julia mentioned, in the blink of an eye. And I never tire of Christmas pictures! I love your decorated powder room! Especially that basket - love the wooden handle. And your new vintage Santa is adorable. That cabinet above the toilet is really cute! I'd love to find one like that. I have a little shelf above mine but I like the doors! Well, I hope the new year is kinder to your daughter and will definitely be keeping her and Bob in my prayers. Jan in MA

    1. So glad you do not get tired of looking at Christmas pics. I actually enjoy perusing Pinterest for Christmas all of the time. Bob made the cabinet above our toilet. I love it! Yes am hoping the New Year gets better. Janice

  6. You've had a really awful end to the year. I'm sorry about Bob, although grateful it wasn't worse; it sounds grim. And your daughter. I hope they can resolve things soon. As for Christmas, I'm never tired of it! Keep 'em coming -- your photos and space is beautiful!

    1. Yeah the end of 2021 and the start of 2022 were a bit rocky. Hopefully it will get better for us. So glad you still like seeing Christmas! Janice

  7. I will pray for Bob and your daughter I am sorry for your loss. Keeping you all in prayer.

    My mom has some of those old boxes. You are right, they did not need wrapping paper with those fun boxes. They are so sturdy as well. I love that my mom has some.

    1. Thanks Carla! I do have a few more of those old Christmas boxes. Just love them! Yes they are very study, unlike those sold in stores nowadays. Thanks for your prayers. My daughter ended up having a blood transfusion today. Hopefully she will get well and be able to go home. Janice

  8. Like deaths, bad events tend to come in three' should be all set for a good long while methinks. Of course, I will continue praying for your daughter....that many surgeries takes its own toll. Also hoping/praying Bob recovers quickly...and avoids standing on chairs. And, nope...never tire of looking at Christmas and your beautiful displays. I am one of those old "loyalists" as well keeping my Christmas (what there is of it anyway) up until middle to end of January. It actually may be longer this year since I am at the lake and looks like I may be for several more days as another storm dumped a bunch more snow on us last night/today. And oh how I covet your vintage Santas!!!! If you ever come across any that you are willing to part with, please keep me in mind. (And ignore anything Lauren might say...) Hope 2022 is kinder to you...and all of us for that matter. ~Robin~

    1. Well I am hoping your 2020 too thought is not happening to me per say, and am hoping my 2022 year turns better. LOL on on ignoring Lauren and I giggled at her comment. If I ever decide to sell any, I will let you know. Janice

  9. I am very glad Bob was not injured more severely. That was a close call and I hope and pray that maybe he can think of a way to lessen the chance of a fall again? That is so frightening. What sad news that someone close to you succumbed to COVID. We see it on the news but then it hits too close to home. Very sad. I agree 100%, and will pray your daughter gets a better doctor. They ought to listen to their patients. Grrr. But your Christmas decor is just stunning and so cheerful and cozy. People act like Christmas is just the one day, so to speak, forgetting it is a SEASON of amazing history and miracles and Godly actions. The Magi won't even see the Christ Child until tomorrow! And we still have Candlemas ahead, too! I like to decorate all the time, including winter. I like neutral, earthy colors, but sparkle, too.

    1. Yes Bob did have a close call. This was the first death from covid from someone we knew. A fund raiser has been started to help them out. They still have a teen son living at home. My mom always kept her Christmas up until after Epiphany. I do the same. Janice

  10. Your family has had a tough end of the year! I pray your daughter is OK and I agree that she needs a new Doc. I'm so glad your hubby is OK. Wow. I fell in March and thankfully didn't break my neck but having neck surgery was just as bad! I hope he heals nicely. Your decor is always lovely and I decorate the bath too but yours is cuter! I did take down Christmas but I decorate with snowmen until February when I do Valentines. My kids are always looking so see how I'll decorate for each season. I find it so fun and I know you do too! Have a Happy New Year and many prayers for your family to be all OK. I'm sorry about the loss of your friend's wife. I don't think this virus is going to done for a while. Stay safe.

    1. I am remined that God only give us what we can handle. Am hoping this is correct and my daughter can heal and get home soon. I like to mix in pops of red with snowmen and greens...only because that is when we usually get more snow here lately. Janice

  11. Oh my goodness, Janice, what a time your family has had. Thank the good lord Bob was not seriously hurt - scary for you both I m sure. I m also sorry to her about your friend's wife, no doubt made even more difficult at holiday time. Hopefully January will be kinder to you all. Love your pretty bath decor, so charming & cozy. I left a few greens up for some January decor, but I am looking towards Valentine's. Now that I am a grandma I'm going to do a little more Valentine decorating, probably starting next week. Jane

    1. Yes am hoping the remainder of January gets better. Thanks for your sweet comments. You will have lots of fun being a gramma! Janice

  12. Oh. I am so sorry to hear about your friend's wife...and Bob's fall...and your poor daughter. I hope your friend's heart can eventually heal and that Bob and daughter are doing better.
    On a lighter note...the title of your post cracked me up. I prefer a Christmas!

  13. Well we dont even have a bath tub in our house either, so guess I should have said a Christmas shower. LOL Our friend owns an antique business like us, so us antique owners in town have started a 50-50 raffle to help him out. Hoping my daughter gets better and Bob is on the mend now. Just scary and as Julia stated, things can happen in the blink of an eye. Janice


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