Sunday, January 9, 2022

From Heart To Finish

Er,  I should say from Start to Finish
on how I made this heart.

Start with 2 pieces of muslin.

Placed together.
I hand sew all of my projects.
I always try to hide my slit 
when I want to stuff a creation. 

You can see the slit better once 
the piece was turned over.
I lightly stuffed and then sewed the slit closed.

Next I cut out another heart
from red wool.

Silver beads were attached all around.

I then took and added another smaller
muslin heart.

Attached red glass beads.

I then attached the beaded piece 
to the stuffed heart.

Packaged in a cello bag.
Tied with a black and white check ribbon.
I chose this color ribbon,
because my theme for our Winter/ Valentine
 back room at the gift shop
is red and black. 
Only have 2 left.
Guess I should have made more,
but I am on Easter now.

Now I always save my fabric remnants.
I use these when I make pillows.
I like the feel of fabric instead of
the morning glory stuffing I use for
everything else.
Waste not I say.
I did decide to take the red wool out.
This may be used for making wool pennies
at some point.

Thank you again for all your 
thoughts & prayers for my daughter.
This week she had to have a blood transfusion.
Her blood pressure crashed & heart rate
went through the roof.
Her hemoglobin was really low,
thus the reason for the transfusion.
I also spent some time taking care 
of my grands this past week.
Looks like she will still be in the hospital
yet another week.
I know she is getting antsy to get home.
Am hoping she is through the worst of it now.

Yesterday I took our kitty Ace to the vet
or his annual checkup.
Once I placed him in his carrier,
the entire way there and home
he kept saying
Get MEOW-out of here.
He would not stop meowing. LOL
Once back home he was fine.

Well of to get Tundra his Timbit,
and my bagel.

Heart To Finish Blessings To All!



  1. So sorry your daughter is having to go thru this ordeal again, and that the family has to endure the worry.
    Your Valentine looked cute so no wonder they all went fast ~ good for you on the sales. Agree totally about the waste not, I used my left over scraps to make my primitive dolls and used it for the heft in the bottom.

    1. Thanks Saundra. I use cheap kitty litter for heft in the bottom of some of my dolls. Janice

  2. Oh Janice, I'm very sorry about your daughter having so much hardship with her health. I sure hope that they can get to the bottom of what is causing her to need a transfusion. I would be so worried as I'm sure you are.
    Have they tested her for leukemia?

    My brother Leo is still in hospital, now in isolation and still isn't doing well and not allowed any visitors which makes it very lonely for him.

    Your little heart pillows are so sweet. One of my motto is, Waste not want not.

    Prayers for your daughter.

    1. I sure hope your brother is doing better too. No fun having a family member in the hospital. Love your motto too! Janice

  3. So sorry to read of your daughter's continuing issues and, of course, my prayers for her complete and speedy recovery will continue. Your little heart is adorable! No doubt there is only 1 left. Easter already...sigh. I still have Christmas to deal with when I get back to Nod. And I know all about that "meow" thing. I have 2 that do it all the way to and all the way back from the lake. By the time I get where I'm going with those 2, I'm howling. ~Robin~

    1. Hoping my daughter gets to go home tomorrow. Fingers and toes crossed. I actually took down one Christmas display today and changed it up to Valentine's. Loving the pop of red this season brings. Janice

  4. Your poor daughter ....will keep her in my thoughts too ...Love your hearts ....take care

  5. Prayers for your daughter. She has been through way too much!

    1. Thanks for your prayers Lauren. Much appreciated. Hopefully she can go home tomorrow. Janice

  6. wow your daughter has been through so much! I do hope she is on the mend.
    I love your project.

    1. Unfortunately she has gone through a lot. Just glad she is young and strong. Thanks for your thoughts for her to get on the mend. Janice

  7. That heart is looks like a sugar cookie! I hope your daughter is out of the hospital soon. Continued prayers for her complete recovery. She's had it hard!

    1. Thanks a bunch! Also thanks for the prayers. My daughter sure can use them. Janice

  8. Those hearts are so nice! I can see why they sold fast. Whatcha makin for Easter? I'm out of ideas...I like yours...ahahah. I'm glad daughter is on the mends. I can just hear that cat. My lonely barn cat is super nice. He doesn't meow at all. Only when I take out the "winter wet food" he loves it! He must be telling me thank you!

    1. I am currently working on some eggs, bunnies and more cookie ornies. Janice

  9. Your daughter has had such a rough time. I hope this is the beginning of the end for her treatment and recovery is soon. I love your sweet hearts! I can see why they are great sellers!

    1. Yes am hoping the end is near and she can finally go home. Thanks for liking my hearts too! Janice

  10. Janice, the heart is so pretty. It's no wonder you sold out. Hope your poor daughter is on the mend now. She has really been through the wringer. Good thoughts for the new year to you..xxoJudy

    1. Thanks for liking my hearts! Am hoping my daughter can go home soon. Janice

  11. I really like how you hide the stuffing slit. I never thought to do that and I always have a wonky part of the side of the item as a result. I am sorry to hear about your daughter's continued health problems. The crashing of the BP is very frightening. My son had to have three IV's in him and they squeezed the bags as hard as they could, when he crashed as the result of an unintended overdose a few years ago. I know it's not the same reason but it is very unnerving. I will continue to pray for your daughter.

    1. Hoping your son is still doing ok. Very scary for sure! Thanks for yours prayers too! Much appreciated. Janice

  12. Hi Janice! Continued prayers for your daughter and hoping she has turned the corner and will be home soon. Your hearts are adorable and it is definitely not a surprise they were good sellers! I also really like using scraps for stuffing. Jane

    1. Thanks for the prayers Jane! I truly had fun making these hearts. Janice

  13. The fact that your daughter is antsy to get home makes me hope that her body is on the mend. I'll keep her and the family in my prayers Janice. That heart is adorable. I like to use my snips of thread and fabrics to stuff projects too. Jan from MA

    1. Yes she is eager to get home. In fact she thinks she will be home by the weekend and wants us over for dinner. Of course she will get take out and not cook herself, but am hoping this happens. Thanks for liking my heart too. Not really primitive, but I have to make different items for our store. Janice

  14. Praying for your daughter.. goodness what a time this has been for her and your family. Keeping you in prayer.

    My kitty Penelope has to head to the Vet at the end of the month, she sings that same song to me as your kitty on the ride. ;-)

    1. Thanks Carla! Hoping she gets to go home tonight. It seems most kitties do not like car rides. Hope your week is going good for you thus far. Janice


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