Tuesday, August 31, 2021

The Coven

For those who do not know what a coven is.

Just a group of witches.

 Mystic Maven is her name.
She is my latest creation for Halloween.

Although I love making witches...
I really hat making witch hats.
It's because I am a bit of a perfectionist.
This year I realized that being prim
should not always be perfect though.

Once I get past the hats,
I can dress them.

Plus add fun accessories.

I loved creating these witches on cardstock,
and then framed.
First an old Hag.

Plus a bewitching young one.

This is Celeste.
Her hat is not perfect.

Around her neck is a cat cookie cutter.

Her hair whipped into a bun.
She is reversible to.
You just have to tuck in hanger part at the top of her dress,
turn the cookie around, and she will face
the other way.
Sorry forgot to take a pic the other way. 

Finally this is toothless Tara.
She is missing some teeth, and one is rotten.
Her base is an antique door knob.

Well now I am working on a few Santa's.
Always have to be ahead of the seasons.

Taking my mom to her annual 
eye appt. this morning.
Living in a small town,
she hates driving in the city.
Truth is, I do not like it either.
We live in a rural area too,
but I feel better if I am driving
rather than her.
Afterwards, we will be doing a bit
of shopping and lunch.
She is spending a few days with us,
so it will be nice having her here.

Coven Blessings To All!


  1. what a wonderful coven you have created

  2. Sweet dolls tho they are witches, lol. Well of course you two will do a little antiquing after the appointment as that is what you gals do - put a little fun in your day.

  3. LOVE Celeste...you are so clever! I'm with you, I have given up the fast, crazy freeways...too many semi-trucks and speedy drivers. My hubby may roll his eyes, but when I need to go to the big city, I ask Siri on my phone to choose a path that avoids highways. What a blessing to have that option...and I've traveled some lovely (safe) roads along the way! Lunch and shopping sound terrific...have a great time! Mary

  4. Stop it! Toothless Tara! Love it!

  5. Prim dolls are so fun! I love your witches! I just can’t drive in larger cities. I know you will enjoy time spent with your mother.

  6. Love your Witches , especially the toothless one !!!
    Driving isn't fun these days .... Have a nice visit with your Mother .

  7. I like your witches. I like the name, Mystic Maven.

    Have fun with your mom. Hope all goes will with her appointment and the fun planned after the appointment. :-)

  8. I love your new Witches!! They are all so cute and outfitted with the best of accessories too. Enjoy your time with your Mom too. I am with you, driving in cities can be nerve wracking !!

  9. Well, you know, of course, that I am somewhat partial to witches, and you've assembled a curiously charming coven. I have to say my favorite is Mystic Maven.... I'm a wee bit "green" (double meaning intended) over her adorable kitty diddy!!! ~Robin~

  10. You have the cutest coven of all!

  11. Love your perfectly imperfect witches!! Enjoy your mom…. Wish mine was still here♥️

  12. I'm in witch heaven here! I love them all and I would call them perfect imperfections! I hope you enjoy your visit with your Mom. I miss being able to do that with mine. I'm glad you drove though...after an eye exam might not be the best time to drive!

  13. How wonderfully sweet all of your witches and the black cat are! I just love the names you have for them!

  14. I just love all of your witchy things and the names you have chosen!

  15. Janice, love the witches. I love this time of year. Have a happy day with your mom..Happy Thursday..xxoJudy

  16. Those witches are turning out very cute! Your reversible one is amazing and I love the cookie cutter cat being on her!


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