Monday, August 23, 2021

My Antique Finds

 How fun it was to find treasures 

with my mom as my co-pilot..

First let me thank you all for the prayers and thoughts
for my daughter.
She is out of the hospital and sees her surgeon today.
She had back surgery before, so not sure what is going to happen. I do believe though that the hospital milked her insurance for doing a few tests that was not needed.
Then released her just to see her own doctor.

Back to my antique finds.
This is an early child's boot form.

It is a rare one and it will hang in the spare room eventually.

This 6 gallon blue slip crock with handles
was a steal at $150.00
It is worth double the price.

Another rare find is this

mustard pantry box with bail handle.

Then I found this wood bucket.
The handle was missing,
so I might either leave as is or find a piece of leather
to add back to it.

The bottom has this mouse hole,

so no longer will hold anything.

Will be good for flowers or a Christmas tree.

For my rug hooking friends.
Lookie what I found!

Hooked on burlap the tag read it was hooked
between 1830 to 1870.

The back is just as nice too!
Another steal for $52.00.
It measures 24 x 19.
Although not my favorite colors of red and blue,
so nice to have for Autumn displays.
Colors are brown, black, greens and golds.
Plus I could not pass it up for this price.

Next I purchased this cast iron
(very heavy)
Victorian dresser mirror that swivels.
I plan on using this for a display at the gift shop,
and will sell in the Winter time.
It is antique white, so the color is way off.

Finally these vintage sweet child's rubber boots.
Again these will be sold at the gift shop next Spring.
I love how they came with the pussy willows inside too!

I save up money all year just for this trail.
There were so many other items I wish I could bring
home, but my money ran out.

There is always next year for the thrill of the hunt.

Arriving back to my moms, this doe
was in her back yard.

My mom had her sunroom windows open,
and every now and then she would call
to her twin fawns.
This is what she would say.
We did not see the fawns that night,
but my mom has seen them in the past.

Although she was eating my moms flowers,
she said...they will grow back.
She loves seeing them!
She does have a fence around her veggie garden.

Do you have a favorite item you were able to score on?

Have a spectacular day my friends!

Antique Find Blessings To All!


  1. What a Lucky day you had finding all those beautiful treasures & that hooked rug !!!
    Hope your daughter will be just fine ....
    Fun to see Deer & fawns in your Mother's backyard !

    1. Yes I wish I could have seen the fawns too! They are so sweet. Thanks for your sweet comment. Janice

  2. It was a lucky day indeed for you. When I saw the hole under the wooden bucket, what came to mind was the song, "There's a hole in the bucket dear Liza, dear Liza" probably a mouse ate a hole in dear Liza's bucket too.

    Deers are pretty but a nuisance and they cause us hundred dollars of damage to our gardens and yards and they keep multiplying as no one hunts them anymore and their habitats are shrinking but at least, they are quiet.
    Take care and enjoy the rest of August.
    Hugs, Julia

    1. Never heard of that song, but do true. I knew you were going to say the deer were a nuisance. My mom does have a small vegetable garden that is fenced it, so for them to eat her perennial flowers is not a big deal to her. Janice

    2. There a Hole in my bucket is a nursery rhyme. It's a song about a dialogue between a simple man and his wife. She ask him to fetch some water but he tells her that the bucket has a hole in it and she tells him to fix it dear Henry and so the dialogue goes right back that he can't fix it because there's a hole in the bucket.

      Sesame Street even had that nursery rhyme on once. Just look it up online and you'll recognize it.

    3. Thanks for responding back about the song. Very interesting. Janice

  3. Thanks for sharing that wonderful rug purchase and of course you know I stole the photos from your blog, lol. I have a cobbler's shoe stand and should probably take a photo of it one day to share. Since I live in a wooded area I used to see lots of deer in my yard in the spring and fall but haven't seen any in the last year but they would be welcomed.

    1. LOL on stealing the photos. I expect to see them in a future rug show I expect. :-) Yes do share your cobblers shoe stand. Janice

  4. Well, you definitely scored big time. Not sure which is my favorite....They are all great! But that rug is really beautiful... So often the old ones are a bit "busy" or use garish colors, but this one is is beautifully simple and subtle. And, yes....great fall colors!! Maybe that's what endeared me. Continued prayers for your daughter.... ~Robin~

    1. Thank Robin. My daughter will be seeing her past back surgeon to see what will be the plan. I loved all of my finds, so for me it would be hard to pick a favorite. LOL Janice

  5. What wonderful finds!! The antiques you find in your area are much older and more prim than what we are generally able to find in the South. The deer are beautiful. We have quite a few who feed on our flowers. Like your mom, we have a fence around our garden. Take care.

    1. Yes it seems we do have more prims in our area. But when I was in Florida a few times, I did bring home a pantry box and my 6 board chest. In TN I was lucky to find a nice coverlet and pumpkin pine blanket chest. Janice

  6. Glad to hear that your daughter is out of the hospital, hoping that she doesn't need surgery. I have often wanted a motorcycle but have friends that have had major accidents. Bad enough when in a car but far worse in a motorcycle. Anyway, your antiquing trip was very successful! Love that hooked rug. I love peeking at the back to see how they have been finished. And that mouse hole! What a neat bucket. Some day I hope to have a pantry and I'd be on the lookout for a beautiful pantry box like the one you found. We have deer in our field behind the house - they come up on the lawn often in search of apples and sometimes find my hostas...grr! Or the hydrangeas. Sigh. Hot here in MA today. In the upper 80's. So tired of this heat and the rain. We've had a lot of both. Blessings, Jan in MA

    1. I am hoping she does not need surgery either, but not 100% sure it will not happen. I wish I had a dedicated pantry, but alas I do not. So I place my finds all throughout the house. The deer usually come across the street to eat our neighbors apple from the state land. They are safe because we live on a dead end road and the state land is a stone throw away from us. We see wild turkeys and hear coyotes at night. Once I saw a fox in my front yard towards dusk. Really cool red one! It was so humid here today that the river was getting foggy during the day. Janice

  7. I love the mirror -- that will be lovely in your shop.

    And three cheers that your daughter's surgery is over and went well. Onward. Let's hope for a full recovery.

    1. Yes the mirror will be part of my Winter display. No surgery yet for my daughter. She sees her back surgeon soon to decide what will be done. Janice

  8. Great finds. I do love the wool rug hooked piece. I hope your daughter continues to improve. It is so hard to see our “little” ones suffer.

    1. Yes it is hard to see little ones suffer even though my daughter is 41, she is still my little one in my eyes. The rug was a great find. So many are so expensive. Janice

  9. Gosh, Janice, you and your Mom really did the treasures on your trek!! I love all those finds that now you get to play with. My favorite is that tall blue stoneware crock. Gorgeous!!

    I hope your daughter will be getting along well as they decide next steps. Hopefully surgery will not be needed!

    1. Yes because I bought that crock, I will be selling a different one now that is a bit newer. Good thing I own an antique store. LOL Am hoping no surgery either. Time will tell. Janice

  10. Fun purchases! Love the crock and the hooked rug was a steal.
    Not antique, but vintage...I got a blow mold Halloween pumpkin and cat for only $20 the other day. I was pretty excited about that.

    1. A customer cam into our gift shop last Saturday and showed me his Halloween decor. He must have had 20 blow mold pumpkins all lit in his upstairs windows blinking at different times. It was so cool seeing them displayed like that all at different heights. You scored on the price for yours too! Janice

  11. Hi Janice! You definitely did good with your treasure discovery - especially that gorgeous crock. That size is so hard to find at a price like that. Praying for your sweet daughter. Jane

    1. Yes the 6 gallon crock was a good find. Truth be told, I did purchase it from an antique friend who was selling her prims that weekend. She knew I was going to keep it in my home and gave me a deal on it. So hard to find this size in perfect condition like I did. Janice

  12. You really found some treasures. Hope your daughter's recovery continues smoothly. I love the deer, too. And your mom's attitude about the flowers!

    1. Yes my mom feeds her birds and the deer. She love watching them out her window. Hoping my daughter gets better soon. Not sure yet what will happen. She is just currently taking pain meds. Janice

  13. Hi Janice. So sorry to hear about your daughter's accident, I missed your last post so went back to read it. Hope they can do something for her pain. Back pain is a horrible thing to have. I know! Love all your finds, and they are all so special,especially that crock. What a beauty. Glad you finally got to spend time with your mom. It looks like she lives in a beautiful woodland..Happy Thursday..xxoJudy

  14. Yes I was kind of glad she did not tell me about it until a week after she came back. I would have been a nervous wreck if she had told me the day it happened as she was in Sturgis, ND when it did happen. Yes my mom does enjoy our yearly antique trek. We go out for breakfast, lunch and dinner and spend all day together for two straight days. Janice


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