Saturday, August 7, 2021

At The Beach

Happy Weekend my friends! 

Today is my grandson Michael's
18th birthday.
Where did the time go?
When he was just 2 months old,
we went through a scary surgery
where the surgeon had to open
his intestine to his stomach.
I am not in the medical field, 
but he kept vomiting.
Mom's milk, formula and even special formula,
It was discovered then that the area
between the intestine and stomach was closed shut. 
Three hours later he was on the road to eating.
Eating he did.
He is well over 6 feet tall now.
Works at the local movie theatre,
and will be a senior in school this year.
He is a great artist....wonder where he gets 
that from...LOL
Anyway we are hoping he goes into Graphic design.
Happy Birthday Mikey!
Gramma loves you!

This year we added fun beach themed items
to our gift shop.
I cannot take the credit, as Bob made
the suggestion to do this.
We do have a beach in town,
so he thought folks would walk by on their way
to the beach and purchase these items.
Purchase they did!

Over sized beach towels.

On the deck chair fun ices cream bowls 
with their own spoon.
These were a hit!

The swan and other floaties all sold out.

Polka dot sidewalk chalk all gone.

Sand pails almost gone.

Flamingo and aloha inflatable balls sold.

We carried fun fish sunglasses
and swim goggles for kids. 

You cannot tell in this pic,
but the fabric at the base is tan
to mimic sand.

Rubber duckies all gone.
My granddaughter was able to take one home at least.

Sun visors almost gone.

Fun drink Koozies almost gone.

All of these sipper cups sold too.

We had green/ yellow, purple/ pink

blue/yellow  and pink/orange.

Off to the store now.

Tomorrow after I close,

starts the Halloween decor!

Beach Time Blessings To All!




  1. Lots of cute beach things for kids ! No wonder they sold so quickly !!!
    Time for Fall goodies !!!

  2. WOW, those beach accessories sold fast. Congratulations on doing so well. Everything looks really nice.

    You both know the taste of your customers. Since I seldom buy things unless they are really needed, I would be a total failure as a buyer for your kind of store. Although I was successful at one time whenI bought for my own ceramic shop as I knew that my customers were always on the look out of the latest novelty ceramic molds. I've since become a minimalist in the consumption department.

    Time sure is marching at a fast beat. Already time to change the summer decor to Fall. Incredible.

    Hugs, Julia

    1. Oops, I forgot to wish Mikey a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

  3. Happy birthday, Mikey. Have a great senior year!
    Great idea Bob had with the beach goodies. Happy things sold well.

  4. Happiest of birthday wishes to your grandson! Fun beach goodies....glad they were a hit. Our summer has been so off that there would have been few beach days here...IF we had a beach LOL. Have fun with the Halloween...I know you love it as do I! ~Robin~

  5. My grandson will be 18 September 1st and don't know where the time went either. BTW, that floatie is a Pink Flamingo not a swan and glad you've had great revenue coming in.

  6. Happy birthday to your grandson! Looks like you had a great summer we had so much rain here I am not sure how the stores did around the water

  7. Happy birthday to your Grandson. Time does fly by fast doesn't it? My oldest son also had surgery for pyloric stenosis. He was a preemie (2#) and when he was ten weeks old he did the vomiting thing too. Working in surgery I knew just what it was. After all we went through with his birth and 2 month stay in the hospital the surgery was just as scary! Anyway, he's 45yr old now! So they do grow up thankfully! Your store is amazing and you have the gift of knowing what folks will buy! Very cute and I can hardly wait for the Halloween fun!

  8. What a fantastic idea to stock those adorable summer items. I am so glad they sold so well. Can't wait for your Halloween reveal!!!

  9. Wow great news hope they were buying up more of the great stuff in your store. Can't wait to see Halloween

  10. What fun had me at polka dot kids would have drawn on grandma's driveway for ages with those! (since we have a gravel drive, concrete chalk drawing was a treat.)

    My son will be 18 in November and my daughter 21 in September...yikes, time does fly. Have a wonderful celebration!

  11. some birthdays are extra fun to celebrate and when it is for one who had quite a tough struggle, they are all the more meaningful. What a wonderful day to celebrate. And your store looks darling!

  12. Happy Birthday .. sending prayers for your Grandson as he celebrates his 18th birthday! Yippee!

    I liked all the beach fun!

  13. So glad you did well with the beach items! Number 18 is a big one! Oh it happens so quickly! Happy birthday to your fine young man!


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