Thursday, August 19, 2021

Friends Forever


Hello Friends!

Placing some of my friends here at home
together in a display.
The doll on the left is made from wax.
I always need to keep her away from the sun. 

Two of my bisque dolls together.

All taking center stage near their horse friend.

Such a sweet display I created
in our spare room for my mom  
when she visited last week.

It has been over a year since she has spent
any time with us.
Tundra even forgot who she was at first.

I also added my grandpa's hat into
this display.
I wonder if my mom remembered she gave
me her dads hat. 

Another friend on the closet door.

Another sitting in the shelf.

Well in other news,
my daughter is in the hospital.
She was involved in an accident
on her friends motorcycle.
She thought she just had road rash.
A week later she was in so much back pain,
and then her foot went numb.
They have admitted her for observation.
Taken x-rays, and drugged her up.
Waiting to hear some news of what
 the plan will be to correct the issue.
I just have this bad feeling that surgery 
may be in her near future again.
Please say a wee prayer for her.
Thanks a bunch!

Remember all of you are 
my blogging friends forever!

Friends Forever Blessings To All!


  1. Love your displays and so cool you have that vintage pattern framed and hanging! That's way cool. Let's hope it is just a pinched nerve.

  2. Oh the hat is wonderful...he must have looked so dapper! Sending good thoughts & prayers for your daughter's quick recovery. Mary

  3. I love the top hat. Such a treasure from your grandfather. I bet he was a handsome man in that hat.
    I'm so sorry about your daughter's motorcycle accident. I hope she will recuperate quickly.

    I had never heard of road rash and had to look it up.

    Your display looks sweet.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. Sending well wishes to your daughter. Love your dolls always so sweet

  5. I loved seeing your collection of wonderful old dolls. I am sure your mom enjoyed them too. Sending best wishes to your daughter.

  6. I sure hope your daughter doesn't need surgery and can recover quickly. Prayers for her for sure! Your displays are always so clever and cute. I'm not a big doll fan. I used to love them so much when I was younger but for some reason they kind of creep me out. But yours look good and not creepy! Ha! I'm glad your Mom could visit. The pandemic has kept many family members away. Have a good weekend!

  7. So sorry to hear about your daughter! UGH....praying she does not need surgery and can recover safely! I love your dolls...I bought a tin headed doll a few weeks ago She was made in Germany probably around the early 20th century..I just love her!! Hope to see you in Holly in just three weeks...hard to believe that summer is going by that fast!

  8. Oh no! Sorry to hear about her accident. I hope it isn't anything too serious. Love the displays. So lovely. Take care. Kit

  9. So very sorry to read of your daughter's accident and praying for a speedy, non-surgical, resolution.Your doll collection/display is so very sweet. I've always wanted a wax doll, but have never found one...But I think my very favorite is the one on your shelf. She is so precious...and looks like her clothing may be original?? ~Robin~

  10. Oh no, praying for no surgery and speedy recovery. Doll display is so nice. My mom had a was doll too, unfortunately, one of my siblings scratched the wax poor mom.

  11. Janice, I will be praying that your daughter has a quick recovery. I hope there is nothing serious going on. Your dolls are very sweet and the wax doll is totally new to me. I have never heard about this type. It makes sense that it would be done because of the wax museums of historical figures. And your Grandpa’s hat is wonderful! It looks in mint condition and very dapper!!

  12. I hope that your daughter will be ok. Prayers. I love all of your displays, they always look amazing. I guess the border will stay closed so I won't be seeing you in Holly next month. I will miss you all. I hope you do well and have a great time.

  13. So sorry to hear about your daughter. So scary. Our motorcycle accident was two years ago...and that was the last time we were on a bike.
    Prayers coming her way.

  14. You hang out with a very cute group of friends! Sending all good wishes for your daughter's full recovery.


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