Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Being Sheepish

 Cannot believe it is Wednesday already!

24 full hours at working on the Halloween decor since Sunday night and still counting...

Today I figured I would show some of my
progress on my Animal Cracker rug.


I chose a sheep because my Great Uncle Billy
(paternal gramdpa's brother)
raised sheep on his farm.
Its hard to explain, but the side of Uncle Billy's farm
was across the street from my grandparents farm.
When the sheep were in the back pasture,
this was when I could see them.

All fluffy and a dirty white,
until  they were sheared.
Then they looked so skinny and under fed,
just because they lost their wool.
I loved watching Uncle Billy's collie
herd them up when he wanted them back
up front.
I always watched his collie do it,
and was so amazed at his job as a sheep herder.
I dont remember his name,
however my granparents collie was named Shaggy.

Do you remember this carrot?
I so hated it.

Take 2 and still did not like it.

Take 3 was not much better.

Finally take 4 I decided it was going to stay put.

In other news,
Today would have been my dad's 92nd birthday 
if he were still alive.
He was the best dad ever and I miss him so!
We lost him at 64.

I finished the 5 season room for Halloween
as we call it in our gift shop....
we opened it up to customers yesterday.
I did not want to make it known yet,
but 3 of my regulars came on Monday
hoping to be able to take a peek and purchase.
Sorry Charlie. 
I did tell them they could come back yesterday...
and 2 of the 3 did and purchased lots.
One even purchased one of my main displays,
but he told me I could keep it until mid September.
Thank goodness, because it makes the room.
I just placed a sold tag on it.
  Front windows are done now.
All I have left is the kitchen area now,
which is what I will be doing today.

Thanks Saundra for corrected me on my flamingo.
Not sure why I said it was a swan from my last post. 
Oh well.

Thanks to everyone else for your sweet comments!
Means a lot!

Being Sheepish Blessings To All!


  1. Sorry Charlie - we surely date ourselves....ahahah. Glad you sold the whole display! I hope you have lots of great sales!

  2. Have no fear m'dear I've made my share of wrong words, typos, etc. on my blog. Just thought I'd give you an opportunity to edit the blog. Had to chuckle with the 'sorry Charlie' as that is a tv ad which has stayed with a lot of us.

  3. Don't fret over that carrot! I purchased some "gourmet" carrot seeds last year and they popped up yellow, red, purple, and yes, WHITE! Can't wait to get a sneak peek at your Halloween display...a favorite holiday and season. Mary

  4. Congratulations on your Halloweens sales already.
    I wish you would have showed us the window display that you sold.

    Have a great rest of the week.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. Looking forward to seeing what the store looks like decked out for Halloween.... And, hmmm, I must be one of the few who don't know the "sorry Charlie" reference....I thought one of the customers you turned away on Monday was named Charlie LOL. Carrot looks good! ~Robin~

  6. sounds like your Halloween is off to a great start. Cute sheep I hope to see more later

  7. Wow, your Halloween goodies are off to a fantastic start and it is just August!! I can’t wait to see your photos of what you set up. Five rooms you say? That sounds like a dream store to me!!

    Love that darling sheep rug you are hooking. I have always loved the sheep with black faces too.

  8. Good for you with the Halloween fun already in swing.
    I love sheep. I have some sheep in my decor.
    And when I was in middle school I had a red sheep sweater with white sheep going across and one black sheep. I loved the sweater. I should try to find another.

  9. Hi Janice. I love anything with sheep on it and your's is darling. I used to have quite a few sheep sitting around but, maybe I have told this before, but we got a new puppy years ago, it was while we were both working. Left the pup home with all the sheep. He not only herded them (I'm sure) but he enjoyed them for lunch too! My dad's b-day would have been in a couple of months and he would have been 102. It is almost impossible to imagine that the time has gone by that fast..Happy Weekend and sounds like good sales..xxoJudy

  10. Darling sheep and a lovely story about your Uncle Billy. Nice way to remember him! I'm jealous of those that were able to shop your store! I'll look forward to those pics! It's hard to lose a parent and like you I miss my Dad every day. He would have been 101 this year! He died at age 56 so it's hard to even imagine him old. Have a good weekend and don't work too hard!


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