Thursday, April 1, 2021

Spring Has Sprung

At the gift shop.

Well actually on February 15th it did. 

I created the garland from cardstock.
Also added more bunnies afterwards in the mantle.
(sorry no pic of that)

This large bunny is 6 feet tall and is not for sale.
I bought him last year for our front window.

See sleepy bunny.
Now you dont.

Almost out of the wee topiaries.

Watering cans and tins for seeds and bulbs.

I created the Easter garland also from cardstock.

Spring flowers and frog vases.

Large Peeps pillows.

Bob cut the woof tags for me.
I painted in three styles.

Also made in colors.

Looks a bit bare.
Was worried my big Spring order was not coming in.
It finally came in.

Strawberries are all gone.

Bob made the garden bench.
It is for sale. 

Bunnies and pillows.

Carrots too.

These wood tags were so fun to make. 

These are real magnifying glasses on stands.
Adjustable too!

Well Spring is this Sunday.
Bob and I will be spending it alone.
We will have an early dinner
and then go pack up what is left of the Easter
goods and redo the room for Summer.

The kitchen redo has been put on hold until May.
Bob also wanted to get new windows for our home now.
So we have the window folks coming out next Wednesday.
The windows are original to the home...
so we really do need them since the house
was built in the late 50's.
I just dont want to spend more money,
but cousin Jimmy (contractor) says we at least need
one for the kitchen before they start the reno.
It looks like windows come first now.

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter!

Pre Easter Blessings To All!



  1. Everything is so sweet...a wonderful way to welcome Spring! A kitchen re-do, I'm jealous...I'm attempting a little spruce up, but a redo like yours would be terrific! And save the old windows...they'll make a great greenhouse. Something else onmy wish list! Mary

    1. This kitchen reno ha been 12 years in the making. First time I will have a dishwasher in this house. Janice

  2. So many cute things! I love the 6ft rabbit! Is his name Harvey?Have a wonderful Easter!

    1. If you want to name him Harvey then Harvey it is. Thanks! Janice

  3. The shop looks terrific. (I wouldn't sell that big bunny either!) Love the garland and the little stuffed bunnies. It looks wonderful.

    1. Thanks Jeanie! Spent 5 hours this morning changing out to Summer now. Janice

  4. Oh goodness, I see so many fun items. I love how you display everything.
    LOVE the big bunny!
    Happy Easter,

    1. Lots of folks love our sweet shop. Now decked out for Summer. Janice

  5. It does look like spring has sprung at your shop. Lots of cute things but I don't do much decorating for Easter but that potting bench sure would come in handy and one of those watering cans. I'm into planting early seeds right now. I love that big bunny also. I'm sure if you had some for sale they would buy them.

    I hope your bunnies all find a good home for Easter.
    Happy Easter
    Hugs, Julia

    1. Yes if I wanted a potting bench, this would be at home. No time for one though. Janice

  6. Love it all, but the giant rabbit is THE BEST!

    1. Yeah the rabbit was a bit pricey, but worth the money that folks enjoy looking at. Janice

  7. SQUEALLLLL!!!! I LOVE that big bunny to pieces!! It reminds me of the story one of my older cousins told me one Easter when I was very young and still "believed." She said she got up early Easter morning and went into the living room and there was the Easter Bunny standing behind the chair in the corner. I could visualize it so vividly then....and for some reason still can. Happy Easter to you and Bob. No nothing all. ~Robin~

    1. The bunny was a bit pricey, but lots of folks love him and he will be a regular feature each Spring at the store. What a fun family story! Janice

  8. Your store display is just adorable with all those bunnies! I also love your idea of making a spring colored chain to hang about too. What a great idea and so simple. I hope you have a really nice weekend and enjoy some down time while you take down Spring and put up Summer at the store. It sounds like once you get the new windows and kitchen completed, you will have such a wonderful upgrade for your home!

    1. Yes that garland will probably come out each Spring. I had it in the window last year. Hopefully Hop got some chocolate in his Easter basket. Yes staying put was a requirement to getting a new kitchen. Janice

  9. Lots of eye candy there. Guess next year you will have some hooked Easter eggs in your store, eh?

    1. Yes am thinking about some hooked eggs for next year. Thanks for the idea! Janice

  10. Cute stuff to get you in the spirit. Happy Easter!!

  11. Thanks!!! Happy Easter to you too Jennie!


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