Saturday, April 17, 2021

April CupboarbScape

Happy Weekend my friends! 

Today's CupboardScape is a little bit April,

with a tad dose of May.

I so loved this chocolate box the minute I saw it.
Filled with May flowers.
Since Easter was in April this year,
this chocolate box is perfect in this display.

Which come after the April showers.

Bunnies and Easter are always a hit,
even though I keep this one out year round.
Made from wood and purchased eons
ago from The Country House catalog.
They may have an online shop now.

A close up of this child's quilt.
This quilt always reminds me of Spring colors!

This antique umbrella was either used for showers
or as a sun blocker...not sure on this.
It is linen and no longer opens with a wood handle.

Well there you have it.
April Showers bring May flowers!

Are the April showers in your area bringing
the May flowers yet?

For those folks who believe in ghosts,
nothing was found on our camera this time.
I do say this time....

Its off to work I go.

Well first Tundra and I will stop at Timmies.
(Tim Horton)
for our breakfast.

April Blessings To All!


  1. That is a completely charming cupboardscape! I am so drawn to that umbrella. One of my grandmothers used a sunshade as she walked around the downtown area of her small city.

    1. Thank you Holly! What a lovely memory of your grandmother! Janice

  2. I hope we get a few more April showers here in northern Ohio!

  3. I love that little wooden bunny, just so cute. A good use of the old chocolate box.

    We had a bit of snow on the ground this morning when I woke up but it all melted. We are having a wet day so maybe our May flowers will soon show up

    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Julia

    1. Snow here today too. UGH My Spring tulips will freeze now. Janice

  4. I love the bunny.
    I like the watering can too. I have one like that, I use it as a pot, because it leaks water.
    Love, Carla

    1. Thanks Carla! Re-purposing a watering can for a plant is awesome! Janice

  5. I love it all! Such a perfect combination and group of pretty things! I am so glad that you may not have ghosts!

  6. Yes, we have had wonderful April showers and the wildflowers are starting to show themselves! How lovely your grouping is! I love the quilt as a back drop!

    1. No Spring showers but a Spring snowstorm came in today. Janice

  7. WOW , Love that chocolate box & pretty quilt !!! We missed the snow where I live in Western ,Massachusetts , it's still chilly & plants are growing like crazy after a lot of rain ! Hoping it warms up again soon !!!

    1. We got the snow today. Will freeze my Spring plants now. Janice

  8. WooHoo, Love, love that pretty quilt and antique umbrella! Well, we have been having rain all weekend because a front stalled at the Fla./Ga border. Looks like three more days until sunshine so forget May flowers, we are moving on to full blown Summer by May. I miss the fact that the city does't have any bunnies around because they are so sweet to watch nibbling at the choicest grasses.

  9. I do not normally purchase items in these colors. but did love this child's quilt. I normally old it to show just the tan and blues. Snow today so back to drinking hot chocolate to warm up. Janice

  10. I absolutely adore that sweet little quilt!

  11. I always love seeing your collections, Janice. Love that chocolate box and the quilt, there is nothing prettier than a faded quilt..Stay well..xxoJudy

  12. Thank you Judy. I so love all of my collections and love mixing and matching. Janice


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