Saturday, March 20, 2021

I Have OBD


What is OBD?

Obsessive Bunny Disorder.

I blame my gramma H.
She loved bunnies too!
She had 24 windows 
in her two story farmhouse.
Only one window faced the East.
That included the two covered porches.
Lots of windows to clean. 
Out of that kitchen window was where
 she would watch  the bunnies.

Her farmhouse was on top of a hill,
so she had a nice view on that side of her home.
It's where she spent most of her time as well
cooking meals for the family.

When I originally planned out this rug,
I wanted all of my animals to be black,
white, or a mixture of both.
This bunny was supposed to be black and white.

After hooking my skunk
I decided I wanted to change up the rest
of my animals.

I intended this fellow to be brown.
I grabbed some of the many worms
I got from Lauren
(Rugs and Pugs)
I outlined in what I thought was brown worms....
really turned out to be more of an olive green
once I put it in the sun.
No worries though.
I just added more of my blue/ olive green wool,
and more olive green.
I love the color.

Now every bunny needs a carrot.
Added this as an afterthought as well.
Did not want an orange carrot,
so opted for dirty white.
Using up lots of Lauren's worms.
Thanks Lauren!

Looking at the carrot now in this photo,
I may change the carrot top.
Not sure if I like it now.
Time will tell.

Always cooking meals in her kitchen,
gramma enjoyed watching her bunnies.
They would be out there most of the day
eating the clover in the yard.
She sure liked her bunnies,
but look out birds when her strawberries
were starting to ripen.
She was not a happy camper then. 

I have been hooking a bit more lately,
so more to show in future posts.

Do you have an obsession?

Bunny Obsession Blessings To All!


  1. The rug is beautiful...can't wait to see it finished! What a lovely story of your grandmother...I can see the house and porches and bunnies on the hill now...maybe inspiration for a new rug?! obsession? Anything OLD! Mary

    1. If you start a bunny rug would love to see it! Janice

  2. Wonderful progress and love the primitive look. Lucky you to get worms, it's always fun to use different wool than what you have in your stash and now I know how Lauren is reducing her worm population.

    1. Yep Lauren's worms made this rug more primitive. Janice

  3. The bunnies are looking good and I see nothing wrong with the carrot top. I'm not sure if it was intentional but I see a red line around your skunk. Did you thought it was brown? Just wondering? There's nothing wrong with being creative...

    Enjoy the first day of spring.
    Hugs, Julia

    1. Well I did change the carrot top. Stay tuned. I have added red all around the animals that have white in them so far. This was intentional. Janice

  4. I LOVE that bunny...and the white carrot! What a creative way to use up worms...and Lauren always has such amazing exception with the ones you used here. I do love bunnies too...I just commented on Kim's (My Field of Dreams) that I had toyed with the idea of hooking something smallish and bunny-ish....but if I hook, it should be on some of the already started things. Sigh. But posts like her and yours, as well as t he adorable bunnies jumping off of Lauren's frame, sure are tempting me. Do I have an obsession?? Oh heavens....more than anyone would ever care to hear tell of. 😳 Happy Spring! ~Robin~

    1. Well I changed that dang carrot three times now. I love Lauren's bunnies! I would love to do a smaller one right now too! Janice

  5. I have a few bunnies but they are the ceramic kind and I have them here and there and some stay out all year. The funny thing is my hubby is SUPER allergic to real bunnies. So we steer clear! Yours are adorable and ready for Easter and Spring. Have a good weekend!

    1. So sorry to hear hubby is allergic to bunnies! I keep bunnies out all year in each room. Happy Spring! Janice

  6. my obsession is hooking in general. I would love to see more of your rug.

    1. Well you have an awesome room for it now! This rug is big so hopefully I did not bite off more than I could chew. Janice

  7. Maybe you should join HARE - "Hope for All Rabbit Enthusiasts" - but the rug is looking so lively and pretty! I love the carrot, too.

  8. All very, very cute. But the carrot? Gotta be honest, it looks like a man wearing a sombrero.

    1. I wish I knew your name because after reading your comment it sure did look like that. I had already changed it abd even changed it some more now. Janice

  9. I have more obsessions than I could possibly list in a!
    Happy you are able to use the worms!

  10. Love your Bunnies & hope you show us this cute rug when you are finished !!! Sweet memories of your Grammie !!!

    1. Thanks! Will keep showing each animal in future posts. Janice

  11. It's all about the bunny for me, too!

  12. Love what you have done so far. And your story. Happy Spring.

  13. This is really cute!! And I love your story about your grandma. 😊 Kit

    1. Thanks kit! More animals and stories to come. Stay tuned. Janice

  14. Janice this latest bunny hooking project is turning out so sweet!! I also enjoyed hearing about your Grandmother's Farm house. Gosh, I would have loved to have been able to walk through it and look out that second floor at the wild bunnies enjoying all the new clover in her yard.

    1. I was pleasantly surprised how I liked the non traditional color. Gramma H/s house was a nice one but the 2nd floor did give me the creeps. I always felt someone was watching me up there. Did mot go up there that often by myself. Janice

  15. What a darling project! A bunny addiction is not a bad thing at all! What fun!

  16. Yes am having fun hooking this memory rug of animals. Janice


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