Monday, March 8, 2021

Hooked Carrots

 Howdy do all!

Well I managed to get me hook out for a bit.

When I hooked my Indian corn back in the Fall,
I knew then I wanted to hook some carrots
for Spring.

I used up what orange I had left.

Only made nine of these.

Each carrot is backed with the color wool I used.

Then before I stitched and stuffed them,
I painted up some jute, and coffee stained it
for the greens.

I had fun hooking these up!

Not sure why I only photographed seven,
as I did make nine.
Oh well.
Currently for sale in our gift shop.
Our back room is decorated for Spring now.
Waiting on my big order though to arrive....
hopefully will come soon.

For those in the neighborhood,
Bob and I decided to close the store
Monday and Tuesday now until May 1st.
Wed thru Sunday we are still open
11:00am until 5:00pm.
Tundra and I still work weekends.
Hope to see you soon!

Most are already spoken for.

Carrot Blessings To All!


  1. Your hooked carrots are cute. Better make more.

    When I had a shop, I always kept my shop closed on Monday and kept that day to myself to catch up on paperwork, appointments and to catch up on my work load.
    However, my two employees came to work on Mondays.

    Hugs, Julia

    1. When I retire and work the store full time, I plan on doing that too. What type of shop did you have? Janice

  2. such a cute idea I am sure they are all spoken for.

  3. Love this hooked carrots! They are so cute all piled in a bowl too. It is a good thing Hop is currently eating his own carrots or he would be demanding carrots from his Mom!! I think this spring weather we have been having has ramped up his appetite. I asked him if he liked purple carrots and he sort of made a frowning face.....guess they don't get the nod so to speak! LOL!!

    1. Yes and I did not keep any for myself. Purple carrots are a new thing...dont even see them in our grocery store yet. Janice

  4. I am sure you have regular customers who are practically waiting in line for new additions to the shop like these darling hooked carrots.

    1. Yes, I have a few that I have to notify when I bring in my goodies, else they get mad at me. Janice

  5. They look great displayed together!

  6. I like them. I can see why they are a hot item. They are so cute and fun.

    1. Thanks Carla. They turned out great in my opinion.:-) Janice

  7. Cute carrots! Definitely a "24-carrot" idea! Or 9-carrot, lol, since you made nine!

    1. Great comment Holly! Cannot believe I did not think of this myself. Janice

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks Jeanie! I had fun hooking this batch up. Janice

  9. Love your carrots!! That orange wool you used is GORGEOUS! I don't have any hooked carrots, but I do have some felted ones...somewhere. I might have to drag those out. I have not decorated one little bit yet for spring/Easter. ~Robin~

    1. Thanks Robin! I just used what I had. I have only one Easter display out right now. Not a lot of time for much this year. Janice

  10. Those are adorable and I can see why they are already sold! I'm going to decorate for Easter this week. Our weather has been lovely and warm for March.

  11. Thanks Yaya! Weather has been fantastic here in Michigan. Grilled on the BBQ every night thus far. Janice

  12. Oh my goodness! I LOVE them! I need to take a hookng refresher! You and Cranky Crow are getting me into it again.


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