Thursday, February 4, 2021

Ice Jam Misery

Hello friends.

Hope this post finds you well. 

Most of you that have been following along
know we live along the mighty St. Clair River.
This is a Summer view of our river
from our dock.

I love watching the lake freighters like the one above
and the foreign ones that come into our waterway.
We also love when the ice comes in....
because it then brings the Bald Eagles back.
In fact I was excited to see the ice coming in
on Saturday and a friend had told me on Sunday
he saw his first eagle of the season. 

However things turned into an icy mess.
It was the perfect storm for these parts.
Tuesday night the wind was from the East
More  and more and more ice came down.
Unusual for this time of year.
Homes along the river and the canals
were under water and ice.
The misery continues.
If these homeowners don't get rid of the ice
before this weekend,
they may have more water come Spring.
You see we are due for an artic freeze.
Once that happens, the ice will remain until Spring.
A no win situation for these poor folks.
I feel so bad for them.
Although I could not stop my car in the road
to take pictures, I saw the water and ice first hand
all around homes.
The picture above was taken from town.
Tuesday night the water and ice 
had reached the road.
They had to close the road
 to thru traffic overnight.
We had no idea this happened
until yesterday.

The picture above is our dock.
The end is under the ice.
Hopefully it will be still there when the ice is gone.
However this does not compare to those who
are flooded out. We can repair a dock. 
The ice and water was even over the road a bit
just North of us. 
Seeing the road closed signs up
bothered me the most.
This is the only road we can use to get out of dodge
if the river floods over the road.
Let's hope it does not come to that. 

Now I am afraid when Spring does come....
because if the ice breakers dont get the major ice
out of the river...and all the ice that
comes down in the Spring from 
the Great Lakes, it will make things even worse.

Hoping For The Best Blessings To All!




  1. Oh my goodness, what a worry. I saw something about ice and flooding on the news today. Here's hoping they can remove the ice.

    1. Yes it was allover the news. Still have flood warnings. UGH Jaice

  2. Whoa...that's scary crazy. Mother Nature at her worst she it collides with human habitats. I do hope they can get rid of the ice and your dock is OK come Spring but also prayers for your town and the folks impacted by the ice and future flooding. I've always said that February was the short month with the worst weather. Hang in there!

    1. Yes very scary indeed with no end in sight at the moment. Janice

  3. I hope the ice will be able to be removed, some now and then during the spring. I saw on the Weather Channel about "lake ice" that would encroach on homes, and push over structures and walls. It was very frightening. I know what you mean about the disquieting feeling of the "road closed" sign. I have lived in places where there were no secondary roads, no "back roads" - if the main road was affected, we were all stuck.

    1. Not yet. Three ice breakers have been trying all week. Janice

  4. Saw this and the flooding situation on the news. My heart goes out to everyone involved. Like you say the pier and dock can be repaired but water damage to homes can be extremely costly and with lingering issues.

    1. Yes our dock can be repaired. Once couple lost their entire house because they had a fire in their furnace because of the water coming in. Not a good situation for folks. Janice

  5. I know how you feel as I also live beside River St John.
    We've had several floods in December and lately, we've been severely flooded in the spring. An ice jam is so scary.

    I hope that your dock will be OK and that you won't need to be evacuated. Stay safe and dry.
    Hugs, Julia

    1. I do remember you saying that your blog before. Mother Nature can be destructive at times. Janice

  6. wow that is one ice dam! I hope everyone is safe and warm and that the ice does not over flow again in the spring.

  7. Oh gosh, Janice, this ice problem looks and sounds serious! I hope things won't be bad once the cold weather is over and ice melts. Keep us posted and safe and keeping fingers crossed for you and your neighbors who live close to the river.

    1. Still not good and will get worse with more snow coming in. Janice

  8. Scary stuff that.... Prayers for all those impacted by the ice and water...including you. I believe we are in for that same arctic blast. It was warm enough (mid 20's) last night for us to get freezing rain, but then it turned to snow...about 8" so far and no signs of stopping anytime soon. Winds are picking up as well, and they are supposed to intensify...then we will be plummeted into Frigid.... -30 kind of frigid. Winter has found Nod. I am curious why you only have the eagles in the winter? We have them year round here?? Stay warm and safe ~Robin~

    1. The eagles are here all year long. We just dont see them until Winter because they stay South of us and forage for food near the islands instead of the main river where we live. I do see them flying overhead sometimes early in the morning if I am outside, otherwise we dont see them until the ice comes in up close and personal. With the ice jam though, no sightings now. Janice

  9. oh my! my son lives in Chicago and showed me a video of Lake Michigan with ice jams- we have them here in Ohio too, near where I live by Lake Erie

    1. Yes the ice is getting bad everywhere. When the Great Lakes melt it comes down by not a good thing right now. Janice

  10. Hoping and praying the ice jam can be resolved.
    Scary stuff.

    1. Thanks Lauren. Still no luck getting it unjammed. Janice

  11. Oh my!! Prayers for you and your neighbors!

  12. Oh, my. I hope the neighbors can take care of the ice or you are right -- they are in for a wet spring -- and I don't mean rain. I hope you don't have too much damage with the doc.

    1. Dock it totally damaged at the end now. But we can filled with water not so much. So bad. Janice

  13. I just saw all of this on the news last evening...WOW! I didn't realize it was that serious!! Take care and I hope and pray you don't get too much damage, Janice! That's scarey! God Bless

  14. Yeah we had all the news crews here all day on Wednesday. Even helicopters. Not good and still jammed. Janice

  15. Good morning Janice. I have been watching the news about the ice. I sure hope everything will turn out ok. Love your pictures. Have a wonderful week.

  16. Been under flood warnings all week. UGH Janice


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