Saturday, February 20, 2021

A Winter Bath Part 2

Happy Weekend my FRIENDS!

Today is the final part of my Winter bath tour.

I love our farmhouse bath.
It so reminds me of my gramma H's one.
Except for our floor.

Remember overlaying?
You can use this technique vertically too.
Adding the green garland over the clothes,
then this sprig of silver.

For those seeing our bath for the first time,
 Bob made our cabinet.
He painted it the same color as our other walls.
The shiplap (which he also did)  is a grayish green.

Many items this year came from what
we are selling at the gift shop.
Like these mittens and galvanized house.
It holds a tea light.

I chose silver and green for my Winter bath.

There are times when I mix in old with new.
Galvanized church is new.
Added a vintage bottle brush tree
 to this antique hurricane.

I believe I stole this idea of mirrors from Robin.
The Cranky Crow Blog.
In the antique business it is a known fact
you should NEVER face mirrors to each other.
It becomes a portal for ghosts.
These mirrors do not face my larger mirror in here.

I had this pretty buffalo check ribbon.
Just pinned it to the backs of my aunt's mittens.
Again overlaying garland.

Rule 5 in a locker basket.
(group of 5 items together for a display)

Icicle white is the color of the cabinet.
Benjamin Moore paint.

An antique egg basket holds our toilet paper. 

Our vanity is an antique dresser that Bob painted
from an olive green to black.
Even has the wooden wheels at the bottom of the legs.
He added the marble top and fitted the plumbing,
so that all of the drawers are accessible.

The mirror is also an antique wood one
which Bob painted black as well.

Our walk in shower complete with bench.
Not sure where this pink glow is coming from?
The shiplap is grayish green.
Bob and his cousin did all of the tile work.
I stayed with my mom for 2 weeks while in process.
We only have this bathroom.
Glad we did it because when mom broke her hip,
she stayed with us for 4 months.

This is one of the doors in our home
 that Bob salvaged from a 100 year 
old farmhouse that was being torn down.
Hopefully they can live another 100 more.
They don't make wood doors like this anymore.

Well that does it for the tour.
Hope you enjoyed it. 

Wintertime Bath Blessings To All!


  1. LOVE your bath and the mirror display is too cool. I vaguely remember Robin showing hers. Lucky you to have such a talented hubby.

  2. Absolutely the best bath ever! I love it...even if a ghost should appear!

    1. LOL Thank you and we do have a ghost in our house. A good one though. Janice

  3. That bathroom seems very big and so lovely. I really like the toilet paper basket and your tile is beautiful. What a wonderful spot -- and so impressive your husband did it! (Well, you did it, too with that fabulous decor!)

    1. Thank you Jeanie. It was a team effort, including Bob's cousin. Janice

  4. Your bathroom looks beautiful and I love the vanity. Good job on everything.

    Hugs, Julia

  5. Take 3....And if this one doesn't stick, I'm done. Anyways, as I said the previous 2x I tried to leave a comment, your bath is tres fabulous! I love every single detail...even if the mirrors are a bit familiar LOL. And I really love that vanity....and the mirror compliments it perfectly. You are, indeed, fortunate to have such a gifted husband. I am about to push the green light on a master bath/bedroom remodel at the lake house....I only wish it would be only 2 weeks of unoccupiability....they are saying 12-14 weeks. EEEEK. ~Robin~

    1. Most times it takes me twice to comment on your blog...not sure why either. Good luck on your redo. That sounds like a very long time for a redo at your lake house. Janice

  6. Wow, your bathroom is stunning, I could just live in there. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Lecia

    1. Thank you Lecia! It was worth the wait. Planning out our kitchen now. Last room to redo. Janice

  7. wow, what an amazing bathroom. love the tiles too! I like mirrors, but they scare me too - because "I do, I do, I do believe in spooks..." for real! I'm enjoying looking at all your treasures and seeing what we share. The Crystal Soap...I have those too...with the sheep on it. Keep sharing your tips too, I'm enjoying them.

    1. I do believe in ghosts...and we do have one in our home already. No need to add anymore with the mirrors facing. I have a small collection of soaps that I display in my bath all year long. Janice

  8. So beautiful, really your husband and yourself have done exceptional work, true craftsmanship. I love the mirrors and didn't know about the ghost portal danger! And you are so right: they do NOT make wood like that anymore. So much of our wood is processed offshore by a certain country, and it is not dried properly, planed properly, etc.

    1. Same with our Thanks for your lovely comment. Janice

  9. Your hubby did a great job, as did you with the decor!

    1. Yes it was a team effort and he is a keeper! Janice

  10. One bath that is decorated so perfectly! You're very lucky to have such a handy hubby! Jack is pretty good but it takes him forever! I won't buy mirrors from an antique store because I'm afraid of inviting something other worldly in! Actually, I thought I did have a ghost in my bath but it was just me staring back in the mirror! Ha!

    1. Yes he learned the trade well. LOL on the thought you thought you were a ghost. We do have a ghost in our house though. I think he likes my decor though. Janice

  11. wonderful bathroom and nice job by husband.

  12. I love all of the vintage accessories you have to create the old fashion statement in your bath. As a long time user of the original formula of Ivory soap, I have never seen one Ivory product boxes etc. and sure would love to find one or two.

    As always, your gatherings are creative and lovely!

    1. My paternal grandparents always used Lava soap while my maternal grandparents used Ivory. Good luck on your hunt for an Ivory product. Janice

  13. Oh Hi
    my favorite thing in your bathroom is the grandma gown hanging on the old rack. I just love old white linen

    1. Thanks. It reminded me of my gramma's, so I had to purchase it. Janice

  14. Love your bathroom Janice! The colors are great and that vanity, wow. It came out beautiful. I'd never heard that about mirrors - yours look great hanging like that. I only have one really cute hand mirror that was my husband's aunts. Would love to find more. Your shower is awesome, I'd like a walk in. Some day!

  15. Thanks Janice! Getting older in years and I wanted to get rid of the tub. Our bath before redo was all pink everything. It was worth the wait. Janice


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