Wednesday, August 12, 2020

River Life


This is going to be a long picture post.

Pictures of our river themed room
in our gift shop.

Bob made this boat and the flip flop shelf.
He made other colors. but those all sold
before I took these pictures.
In fact lots of his wood items sold 
before I took pics.

Diamond Art by a local artist.
Bob also made the sign which sold.
Happiness is a choice.

I love this fish bones wind chime.
Also our sign that reads
"Keeping it reel on the river"
We are a river town,
therefore we wanted to incorporate items 
relating to the river.

Another cool boat.

Bob made the bouys on the cabinet.
Again other colors sold before I could take pics.
He also made the ship on the wall.

We have pillows.

A really cool galvanized anchor.

Bob added tobacco sticks 
to hang these ship posters.

A mighty fine driftwood bowl.
I think this is the only one we have left.

The picture of the bridge
is a photo printed on canvas
that my friend did.
It is the Blue Water bridge that spans
from Port Huron, Michigan
to Sarnia, Ontario Canada.
Actually it is two spans, each going one way.

We have a local artist who does metal work
like this lighthouse.
He has sold lots of various pieces.

We originally had a metal school of fish
above the mantle.
All sold before I took my pics.
We replaced with this mermaid.

Next Thursday and Friday night
we put what is left away
and will transform this room into

Cannot wait!

River Life Blessings To All!



  1. Your husband is very talented. I loved all your cute things on display. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Your shop is just darling and Bob has a real gift!

  3. you are sounding very successful!! your pieces are wonderful

  4. Looks great. Bob is a pretty handy guy to have around :)

  5. Oye!!! I love everything!! I know I have mentioned before that I wished you shipped and you said you did.... I really, really, want that fish bone wind chime....I found one at a shop locally but it had sold just before I got there and it was the only one they had. I would also like the driftwood ship in the photo following the wind chime. I might also like the one picture that is on the wall underneath the Blue Water Bridge canvas, but would like to see a close up of it and know the size of the picture and the color of the mat. I am not sure how to go about this because there is something that apparently prevents me from getting emails from you since I never get notifications of your comments on my posts. Perhaps if you give me your email I can directly email you or something???? ~Robin~

  6. Your items are so unique. As much as I like it, I have to admit, I can't wait to see what you have for Halloween.

  7. So cute! Love all the pics too. I will look forward to the Halloween Haven! My favorite time of year!

  8. Janice, Your hubby is very talented. I love that ship with the blue paint, makes me wish I lived on the river. Can't wait for Halloween to see what you have..Stay well..xxoJudy


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