Saturday, January 11, 2020

Adding In Some Green

Even though it is still green outside.

This weekend the temps ar in the 
high 40's to low 50's. 

Not normal January weather for us
folks here in Michigan.

In fact we are under a flood warning all weekend.

Those folks on the North end of
Lake St Clair already were flooded
 a few weeks ago.
Home were lost along with one of our
favorite restaurants.

This weekend we may get up to
3 inches of rain. UGH

If this had been snow,
we would have been getting
up to 3 feet of snow.
Guess the rain is the better evil of the two. 

At least once I get back home
from taking my FIL grocery shopping
this morning, I will be dry.

I will continue to work on Spring items
for our new store.

Today I showed you a part of our
spare bedroom in Winter mode.
This is the view looking into the bedroom
from our hall.

Corner view.

Wider angle with the closet door.
All of the interior doors in our home
were salvaged from a 100 year old
farmhouse that was to be torn down.
We gave them a new life.

An update on my aunt.
Her doctor opted for radiation now,
instead of surgery.
They will start on Monday.
Thank you all for your prayers.
It is much appreciated. 

Will your weekend be dry or wet?

Adding In Green Blessings To All!


  1. I think the radiation feels like a good idea. I hope it is effective.

    Right now it's raining in my basement again. I hate to say it but I think I would rather have the snow. Big ice warnings are out for us with huge temperature drops. Then snow. I hate the ice maker ore than the snow. Be careful and try to stay in. And the rooms look great!

    1. It was pouring when I went out. We had both rain and snow. Flooding in the Southern part of our county. Weird weather for sure. Janice

  2. It's very green here and in the 60's...rare for Northeast Ohio in January! It's been raining since yesterday. My sister in Chicago said it's snowing there now and more on the way. I'm surprised you missed this storm in Michigan but happy it's not too awful. Your rooms look great..are those real greens or fake? I have enough trees to clip tons of greenery but it dries out and I'd have needles everywhere. I'm hope your Aunt does well with the radiation and I'm glad no surgery. Have a good weekend that I hope stays nice and green!

    1. It reached 57 Saturday with 2 inches of rain which turned to snow overnight. Not fun. All of my greens are faux so my kitties will not eat them. Janice

  3. Wet here in northern Ohio but in the 60's today. As yaya said, very rare, but I will take it.
    Happy your aunt is avoiding surgery but hoping the radiation isn't too hard on her.
    I have that same little hypertufa snowman that is in your header. I bought it at the Holly show quite a few years ago. Darn, this year I broke one of his arms putting it away. Not sure how I will be able to glue it.

    1. It was 57 Saturday with rain turning to snow overnight. We got 2 inches of rain. I broke one of my arms on my snowman too. I also bought mine at Holly one year. Janice

  4. It is definitely a wet weekend! We had lots of rain with storms overnight. I love your spare bedroom! I can't keep my eyes off the framed old pattern pieces. And, the old bonnets! I wish I hadn't been so hasty in putting away my bottle brush trees.

    1. 2 inches of rain over here on Saturday. That framed dress pattern is from 1891 and on the pattern it stated that it would cost $7.00 to make it. I love my bottle brush trees this time of year! Janice

  5. yarn winders to die for - we are mild here as well it was frozen sleety mess the other day.

    1. Hope the frozen sleety mess was not a big problem for you. We had 2 inches of rain and then snow on top of that. Janice

  6. Hi Janice,
    You have a way with white and making them look "warm" and inviting! I normally gravitate to darker colors, but really love this sweet display!! Hope all goes well with your aunt and that she is able to handle the radiation!!!
    Take care and stay safe AND dry with all that rain!!! Wish you could send us some as we ALWAYS need it!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  7. I would have gladly given you some of our rain. We had 2 inches of it then turned to snow. Janice

  8. The spare bedroom would be a place I'd love to see. I have a few pieces with the blue bandings.

  9. Well if you ever decide to come to Michigan, let me know Angie and you can see in person and I can be your tourist guide. You will need to show your pieces in a blog post sometime. Janice


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