Monday, January 20, 2020

Doozy VS Cozy

Monday is here already.
While the weather 
was frightful outside this past weekend,
I was happily sewing away
in my comfy chair.
The view from said chair looks
directly at my one corner of the
living room.

With the snow on Saturday,
which then turned to freezing rain 
by noon time, then to rain,
I decided to turn my wee lights on
that are on my pine boughs over 
our doorways into the kitchen.
They are usually on a timer set for 6pm.

This view is that of my first hooked rug.
I drew this myself.
The outline of the vase I hooked with fabric.

I paired it an antique mirror.
One day when I have time to hook again,
I have a new design I drew out that will
either go above the rug and mirror,
or in my kitchen.

Sunday afternoon brought more snow.
So while it was a doozy of a storm outside,
it was cozy inside.
I finished up my prim bunnies,
and then worked on pudgy carrots,
as I am calling them.

Today Bob and I are off
 to do more shopping.
He is building cabinets for our new store,
I want to see if there is new fabric.
I love both fabric and wool.
Lunch will be in the mix as well.

What did you do over the weekend?
Was it cozy or a doozy or both?

Cozy VS Doozy Blessings To All!


  1. Thankfully my weekend was was a comfy one and I made a white bean soup which warmed me up and made the house smell nice. Love your first hooked piece. Mine didn't look nearly that nice.

    1. Thankfully for sure! Soup sounds good. Will make some this weekend as round 2 of the same weather will hit again as they are predicting. Janice

  2. It was both here in WI, cozy - winter storm; doozy - of a loss for the Packers...teehee... I hoard material and wool....what step is that?? LOL

  3. Your first hooked piece is very cool. Mine is just butt ugly but I have it out as a reminder of how far I've come :)

  4. Love the little hooked rug and how you arranged the decor on the wall! The days here have been sunny and pretty with chilly with the warmth of our home....I would say cozy!

  5. It is cozy for us.........but can be chilly at times. Love your little hooked rug!

    1. Thanks a bunch! Chilly this evening. Even turned up the furnace a bit. Janice

  6. Saturday was much like yours weather wise. I was on call and usually we do our grocery shopping on Saturday mornings but I did it on Friday instead. Saturday night we had a Church social/talent show that was a lot of fun and good food. The weather had improved, thankfully! Sunday I had 2 emergency cases that I had to go to work in. Not a bad weekend. Love your cute decor!

    1. Yeah well we are supposed to get round 2 of same weather again this weekend. Glad your church social was a hit! Janice

  7. I don't think my weekend was cozy or doozy (except for my travel which was definitely doozy!) Love your first rug.

  8. Still cozy around here, Janice, at least inside. I know 50 degrees must feel like beach weather to you, but to me it is cold! I love your little hooked picture. I have never done hooking, well that sounds funny! But I haven't done that either. I love the feeling that your little white lights must give on the greens after Christmas. That is just a wonderful thing to do in the winter and I can't believe that I haven't tried it..xxoJudy

  9. Yep it is cozy inside with the lights on. Janice


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