Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Pillow Talk

Well I did it folks.
Put the flannel sheets on our bed.
No more Summer around here.
Temp was 46 yesterday morning, 
so darn glad I did.
Have not turned on the furnace yet though. 
Bob calls me the heat miser. LOL

I hooked a few pillows for our past show.
I so loved the colors of this one!

Yummy yellows and oranges
for contrast.

Just the happiest face
don't you think?

Created into a pillow.

Then I felt wicked good.

Therefore had to hook this one.

All the colors of Halloween in one pillow.

Finally this adorable kitty with
a pumpkin on his back.

All sold except for the Wicked Good one.
This is still available.
Kindly asking $52 plus shipping.
I do not remember the exact dimensions,
but believe it is somewhere around 
11 x 7.
If interested
email me at
and I can go measure it at the store.

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

Tomorrow night we are heading to our
friends down the road for their annual
bonfire and bagpipe music.
Fun will be had by all!

Do you have any annual Autumn rituals?

Pillow Talk Blessings To All!


  1. Lucky you to be able to put flannel sheets on your bed!! I am jealous!!! LOL!!!

    You little hooked pillows are so cute and I agree that the colors are great! The pumpkin and kitty are my favorites and I know the new owners love them too!

    1. Not so sure if we are lucky, but I do enjoy the Autumn cool evenings...and snow until Christmas 🎄 lol. I did have fun ctreating these characters! Janice

  2. Your halloween pillows are all cute. I'm glad that you sold two so fast. I'm sure the Wicked Good will find a new home quickly.
    I don't have the flannel sheets on yet but I'm wearing my flannel PJs .
    Hugs, Julia

    1. I had both flannel pjs and sheets this week. I see chili cooking this weekend as our highs will only be in the 50’s. Janice

  3. Hi Janice,
    Today the high is 90 so we are still having some warm days, but at least the mornings are much cooler and I am loving it!! No flannel sheets for us, though! We still have the air on during the day!! Crazy, isn't it?? Your pillows are really sweet and so nice to see you are enjoying hooking! One of these days I will pick up my hook again!! Hope you have fun at your party with the bonfire and bagpipes!!
    Enjoy your week, my friend!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

    1. No flannels for you. 😅 No bonfire for us either as I got sick. Ok now. Hope to pick up my hook this weekend. Janice

  4. lol my husband insisted on flannel when I changed the sheets this week. But we do have the heat on.

    1. I will probably have to put the heat on this weekend as the temps will only be in the high 50’s. Janice

  5. It's been very chilly in the morning here too but warms up to mid 70's by noon so I'm holding off on the warmer sheets! No heat on yet either but Jack did turn it on in his office. (He's a Chiropractor)I'm holding off on the heat at home! Next week might be the breaker on that as the temps aren't going to rise out of the 50's...have fun at your neighbors. Sunday we'll have a Halloween gathering with our kids and grandkiddos. We do that every year and I'm hoping to get a scavenger hunt ready in our creepy woods that will have a cemetery set up when I'm done! I love all your're so talented!

    1. Have fun on your scavenger hunt! Sounds like fun!! Heat will most likely go on this weekend if the weathermen are right. Janice

  6. I was going to do it the other day but then it got so warm (I even slept with the windows open.) But I suspect that flannels are in the next swap out!

    1. No windows open here anymore and probably turning on the heat this weekend. Summer is over for us here in Michigan. Janice

  7. Thank you Laurie! I really had fun creating all of these. Janice

  8. Spent a few days in Boston in god awful weather and came home today to sun and warmth...aaahhhh! But tomorrow rain, which we really can use.
    Sweet little pillows.

  9. Thanks Lauren. Its raining here right now and will be tomorrow...but better than the four letter word that starts with the letter "S" right now. Janice


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