Thursday, October 3, 2019

Mom's Day

Mom's day it was!
We had a surprise birthday party towards
the end of September for my mom.
Her actual birthday was September 30th,
and she is now 85 years young.
She had a great time!
We invited 52 friends and family.
48 were able to attend.
Those that did not attend were
 my kids and the grands.
My kids had to work and the grands were sick,
otherwise I would have taken them.

My mom (left) and my dad's sister (right).
 They are the same age.

My mom's friends.

The family.
On the left my mom's brother and sister.
My aunt on the right. 
Bob father down.
She is the wife of my mom's late brother who passed. 
Behind my aunt on the right my brother
 Tom in blue and his wife. 
The rest are a few cousins
with my sister Teresa standing at the end
talking to my Aunt Marie (dad's sister).

My mom's neighbors, and nuns from the church.

My mom's priest at the end.
She does a lot for her church.
Runs the bazaar. 
Cooks for the funeral luncheons.
Handles the kitchen for Monday movie night.
Plants and weeds the church flower gardens.
Helps out with the bake sales.
This is why she is still so young looking.
She never sits down for long.

More of our family.

The restaurant in her town was where 
we had her party.
They provided the balloons.

We had a menu made up which consisted of
your choice of one of the following.
Rib Basket (cole slaw & fries)
Walleye (fish) Basket (cole slaw & fries)
Chicken Salad Croissant (fries)
Chicken Club Wrap (fries)
Hamburger with your choice of toppings (fries)
Caesar Salad with Chicken
Chicken Tenders (fries)

We also provided drinks except alcohol.

The printed menu had no prices on it,
so no one would feel bad about ordering.

Everyone loved their meal.

We also had yellow and chocolate cakes
for dessert.

We hope we can do this again for her 90th.

Happy Birthday Mom.
You are the best!

Happy Birthday Blessings To All!


  1. Happy Birthday to your Mom how wonderful she looks! I bet she loved it!

  2. Janice, your mother sounds like a wonderful woman. Sounds like you planned the perfect party for her.

    1. She is amazing and I only wish I could be as active as she is at her age. Janice

  3. Janice, your Mom looks so sweet at her bIrthday party! What a wonderful way to celebrate her 85th birthday too! I am glad your Mom got a good surprise with her closest friends around. 85 years old is quite a milestone and it sounds like she is busy, busy, busy. thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes 85 is a milestone even if a few folks in my family did not think it was...every year in my opinion is a milestone birthday. Plus she had a GREAT time! Janice

  4. What a wonderful celebration for what sounds like quite a remarkable woman. It's a great party and made all the more so by all the guests who love her.

    1. Yes it was a great party and fun was had by all! Janice

  5. What a great party!! My birthday is also September 30th. Your mom looks wonderful!! Such a blessing!

    1. Who knew you two shared the same birthday. Hope your was great too! Janice

  6. How lucky to still have your mom and especially in such great health. Enjoy every minute with her.

    1. Yes we are very lucky to still have our mom as my dad passed when he was 64. Janice

  7. Happy Birthday to your Mom. You are very lucky indeed to still have your mom with you. She does look younger than her age and a good looker like they say. I'm sure she appreciated this wonderful birthday with family and friends.
    Your Autumn header is looking great. I love those hooked candy corn.
    Take care. I must start to follow you.
    Hugs, Julia

    1. Yes we are so very lucky to still have my mom as our dad passed at an early age....My mom never re-married. Thanks you for liking my Autumn header. Those candycorns were a hit.Janice

  8. What a wonderful, special day! Happy Birthday to your sweet mom!

    1. Thank you Robyn! It was a spectacular special day and we hope we can do it again. Janice

  9. Hi Janice,
    Looks like the PERFECT PARTY!! Your mom looks great and I'm sure she was thrilled with the turnout!! I'm sure it was very special for all of you and please wish your mom a most HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

    1. It was indeed the perfect party! Will let my mom know you wished her a Happy Birthday too! Thanks my friend!!! Janice

  10. Me too! Plus the food is always good there as well! Janice


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