Sunday, December 2, 2018


Today is my birthday.
Happy Birthday to me!
I have reached another milestone friends.
I turned the BIG 60 today.
Later my family will be taking me to dinner.
A japanese steakhouse where they cook
the food in front of you. 
Bob and I went to one in The Villages, FL
about 5 years ago...and loved it!  

My next tree starts with this chenille garland.
Mom told me when when she was a child 
they made a similar garland using pipe cleaners.
The original (chenille) pipe cleaners
were actually used to clean pipes,
They were also smaller in diameter & a cream color.
Pipe cleaners were brushes for pipes.
They were used to scrub 
the residue & moisture from them.
Once smoking pipes came out of fashion,
the makers of pipe cleaners found
 a use for them for crafters.
Now they are bigger and come in all colors.
For my garland, I cut one stem in half.
Formed a circle and twisted the ends.
Wrapping the next stem around the first,
formed another circle and again twisted the ends.
Next year I may prim these up 
misting them with water 
then sprinkling cinnamon over them.
Then let air dry. 

For this post I am featuring my 
toyland tree.
Santa is watching over them all.

Antique blocks & a homemade blue stocking.

One of my dolls.

Nestled with a book and present.

An antique tin horn with a Peter Rabbit book.
I love bunnies!

An early teddy with more blocks.

A wonderful mix of toys don't you think?

The picture above is my Great grandpa Robert
and my Great gramma Effie.
My maternal grammas parents.

This toy tree is in our living room.

My other larger tree has more
antique toys.

Well off to make breakfast for the guys.
French toast & breakfast sausage.
Then more decorating before we head out to dinner.

What are your plans today?

Toylan Blessings To All!


  1. Happy Birthday Janice. You will always be young as long as you play with toys. They are all so pretty and you have arranged them so each one stands out. 60 is very young in my book.

    1. Thank you Peggy. I love playing with toys, so may I remain young always! Janice

  2. happy birthday!!!!! I hope you have the very best day, what a treat to see all the years gone by toys! Beautiful!

  3. Happy Birthday! Love the toys! I hope you enjoy your steakhouse - I've never been to one like that.

    1. Thank you Jacky. Dinner was awesome and een had lunch today from it. Janice

  4. Happy Birthday Janice !
    I hope you enjoy your special day.
    Love your beautiful selection of old treasures.

    1. Thank you Rose! I just love the old toys. Wait til you see my big tree of toys underneath. Janice

  5. Beautiful post. I always had an idea piper cleaners are for using bottle pipes.

    1. Thank you Krishna! Yep you are correct.That's what they were used for. Janice

  6. Happy Birthday! Welcome to the 60's
    love your decorations

    1. Thank you Cathy. Looking forward to retirement in a few years now. Janice

  7. Happy Birthday Janice. I hope you are having a wonderful day; doing something special just for you. Your Christmas decorations continue to amaze me. Its really starting to look like Christmas in your house!

    1. Thank you Sandra. I hope to amaze you even more with more post continuing til Christmas every other day. Janice

  8. Happiest blessed birthday, hope it was most special for the toy tree, and always look forward to viewing your seasonal displays. Hope Saturday was a good day at the store, wish I could have come up(That was my original plan) and hope it was a great Sunday as well. Have a peaceful week.

    1. thank you Sandy. Our store haggle day is this coming Saturday. I will be there, so hope you can stop by. Janice

  9. Happy belated birthday.
    Your toy tree is so sweet ❤️

    1. Thank you Lauren. I have more toys to show with my larger tree coming soon. Janice


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