Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Our Christmas Privy

A huge 
from all who wished me 
a Happy Birthday.
Mother Nature gave me a 6o degree day.
I could not have asked for a better one.
I even sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine for a bit.
Dinner was also
The chef cooked in front of us everything.
Fried rice, fresh veggies.
I ordered  chicken and shrimp.
Had so much food that 
I ate more for lunch yesterday.  

Today's post is our bath all decked out
in Christmas Mirth {joy}

I created this medicine label which reads ~

No 25   Dr. S. Claus
A sprinkle of Mirth
With some crushed Holly
Will increase your Girth
While making you Jolly
{poem by me}

A new Santa purchase.

Some added greenery completes this display.
{Bob considers this another tree}

Other side of our vanity.

Another new Santa.

A few of my many baskets.

My mom made this pillow eons ago.
I still love it.

Another early Santa.

This one still has its tag
from Hungary

My soaps.
The shaving brush on the right was my dads.

A lil stocking I made years ago.

A stitchery I also made years ago.

The cabinet above our toilet.

Bob actually made this for me.

A pop of red.

Bob also made our toilet paper holder.

On top another bar of soap
 on a small black pantry box.

My aunt knitted the red mitten for me.

A few faux juniper greens finishes this look.

Still in love with our privy {bath}
Especially at Christmas!

Later today is our work Christmas party.
What are your plans for today if any?

Remember I am posting every other day,
now until Christmas.

Thank you everyone for your sweet comments.
I love decorating and love to show you 
how I create things in my home.
My friends say I should be a part of 
the Holiday home tour here,
but since I have heard from one person
who did and things went missing from her home,
I would rather just have you my followers
enjoy my holiday tour.

Until next time.

Privy Christmas Blessings To All!


  1. Oh my goodness that is all so fun! I love the flooring by the way. Your early Santas are wonderful. So many ideas for the rest of us! Today...I'm packing up craft supplies to bring out Christmas...now on to working on my house.

    1. Thanks a bunch Jacky! I wanted an old world look for our bath and the tiles were perfect. My sister told me at Thanksgiving that I should start a business to decorate homes for Christmas. My brain is always thinking. LOL Janice

  2. very fun bath. I am working and trying to decorate the house in between making cookies for a cookie walk and meeting up with a friend on Thur.

    1. Thanks Cathy! I have to work our store Saturday and home to make some cookies on Sunday. Still want to decorate our bedroom a bit. Janice

  3. I do love your Santas!
    Happy to see I am not he only one who decorates the privy 😬

    1. So glad I am not the only one who decorates their baath too! I use to even buy Christmas toilet paper..not sure if they make it anymore. Janice

  4. Oh dear! beautiful decorations!

    1. Thank you Krishna. Always a treat when you make a comment! Janice

  5. Hi Janice! Oh so pretty. I just love Christmas greens mixed in with vintage - it's always so charming and really says Christmas for me. I love the cabinet Bob made for you. It looks perfect in your bathroom. Jane

    1. Thank you Jane! I will let Bob know you loved the cabinet. He did do an awesome job on it. I wanted a farmhouse bath and he delivered. Janice

  6. Love all your decorating and all the pops of Christmas red!


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