Monday, December 10, 2018

The Arrival Of Santa

Happy Monday all!
So our paranormal folks that stopped by
Saturday night were very informative.
We were told that we have children in our attic.
A military man who does not like change,
and feels when we move things around,
we will want him out.
He lets us know he is around by touching our necks,
or the back of our neck gets cold.
This happened to both Bob and I on
Halloween night.

The Detroit Paranormal Expedition folks
 let me ask questions in the Spirit Box.

My first question was
"Do you know who owns the store?"
Clear as day it said
We were all amazed.

My next statement was that I knew
they were there because I could feel you.
My question after that was 
"Would you like to stay here?"

I then said you are welcome to stay.
Our ghost responded back

Another area of our store,
they did another Spirit Box.
One of the guys from the paranormal team
 asked who is here.
Answer: Janice is here.
I was just amazed.
Then the ghost said cop.
Jeff who was asking the questions
said I am a cop.
Do you know my name?
the ghost says "JEFF"

Then they asked if there was anywhere in the store
they should not go.
The ghost said
"The Basement"
Jeff went up into the attic and got scratched.
It was exciting seeing shadows and voices.
At first I thought I would be frightened,
but when they stopped at about midnight,
I was wishing we could continue. 

They will give us the results of the EVP's
in a few weeks. 
I hope they catch more evidence.
Much more was caught though.
Too much to say right now. 

Today Bob went back in the attic
where Jeff said he was scratched,
and someone tugged on his shirt.
Like a child would do to get someone's attention.

Like I said, many things happened that night.
Much more things we were told about our ghosts.
Some we knew.
Some we did not know.
All very interesting to us.
Do you believe in spirits?

So now let me get back to my post.

The Santa in earlier pics,
is a new one I purchased.
I decided to pair it up with a brush tree
and added vintage red and blue ornaments.
Then added the silver mercury garland.

Santa has arrived.

Our bucket bench.

Decked in holiday cheer.

The other corner of our back room.

Well off to work.
Only 5 more days of work,
 then I am on vacation until the first of the year.
Looking forward to it.

Santa's Arrival Blessings to All!


  1. I believe, I think or maybe I would like to. We lived in a house built in the 1700's before we built this one. I have had more go on here than there and it was the town hospital at one time. So not sure.

  2. I believe too! Really interesting to read about your paranormal experience, wow! Do they still have the video on their facebook page?

    1. No they do not have the video upon their page anymore. They will tell us in a few weeks if they caught anything on their EVP's.Will let you know. Janice

  3. Oh, Lord. Janice, you are opening yourself up to a world of problems.

    "Do you believe in spirits?"


    1. I sure hope not. We have had ghosts in our store since we have opened. Janice

  4. Replies
    1. I thought I would be...but was not. It was interesting. Janice

  5. I love all your white lights! Lots of them in my house, too.
    I'm a non believer in spirits. Who knows the correct answer?

  6. Too many things happening throughout the years forme not to believe. I have white lights everywhere except our big tree in the back. Janice

  7. You bet I do! "I do, I do, I do believe in spooks" - I've experienced too many unexplainable things not to! When my daughter's and I go on vacation we always look for a "ghost tour" of the city we are in. Edinburgh, Scotland to Seattle, WA - they are not only scary, historical but fun! I can't wait to hear more....

    1. We went ona few haunted ghost tours and loved them! Janice

  8. Ghosts pick the best places to hang out(?). I wouldn't mind but no chance they would want to with me. It's so interesting, let us know what they report!


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