Sunday, May 21, 2017

2 Old New Finds

Happy Sunday sweet friends!
It is a rainy one here in Michigan.
Storms in the wee  morning hours,
rain right now with more storms later.
Hope you all are enjoying your weekend.

Today I will be lugging down
more of my Americana decor from the attic.
I have plans to create two more small
Summertime Christmas trees...

maybe a third if I have the time.
Right now I would like to show you the two
items I found to keep.

This 2 gallon jug was calling me.

It has a bit of ochre on it which means
the yellow clay was mixed in when this beauty was glazed.
It does not deter from the beauty...
and after all it is really old.

My next old beauty is this well worn teddy bear.

He is missing an ear and part of his eye broke off.

In my eyes this just lends to his well loved character.
He is an early straw filled one.

His red and white striped night shirt came with him.

I told the vendor which I purchased him from,
that my other teddies would now be jealous.
As they do not have clothing and are quite bare.
She laughed.

Our buying trip was a success.
We bought prims for our shows,
and goodies for our store.
We walked for 5 hours before the first storm came in.
Stayed in our van til it passed and then went back
out for another 3 hours.
Saturday we spent another 4 hours shopping for more
items until the rain came again.
We decided to go home them.
Our van was full, we were tired, and ready to get home.
Arrived home last evening to more rain.

Well off to get to my chores, and get into the attic.

Hope today finds you doing something you love!
Will catch up on my blog reading later on.

Old New Find Blessings To All!


  1. Glad you had a nice buying trip. I adore the teddy especially and the night shirt is sweet as can be!

  2. Hi Janice,
    Your new jug is just wonderful and I love the blue! Teddy is so sweet in his striped nightshirt! Happy you had success in spite of the storms!!
    Heart Hugs~

  3. "Summertime Christmas trees..."

    Great idea!

    Love the bear. He does look very loved. :)

  4. WONDERFUL finds that you are keeping!!!

  5. Hi Janice and so happy to hear that you had a great trip last weekend!! Your new jug and Teddy are wonderful finds. How lucky you were to find them and be able to snatch them up! It also sounds like it was a very successful trip despite all the rain. Looking forward to more photos of some of your goodies when you get them in the store or ready for your shows. Keep us posted on the next installment of your Summer Americana!


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