Thursday, May 25, 2017

Americana Star Tutorial

Can you believe May is almost over?
Yeah I know right...where has this year gone?
June is next week.
It warms my heart that you liked my last tutorial.
It's been long overdo since my last one.

Well as promised here is my next one.
I am creating these for my next
Americana Summertime Christmas tree.
It all starts with these glass beads.

I decided to create some Americana Stars.

Material List

Czech Glass Beads in White, Royal, Turquoise & Red
Blue Wool 
 Embroidery Floss to match the wool
Tan Fabric that looks similar to cookie dough
Embroidery Floss to match your fabric
Stuffing (I like Morning Glory Brand)

Today my tutorial is to make these yummy
 Americana Star Cookies.

To start I went to Google and searched for an
image of a primitive star.
I printed out the free primitive star image twice.
One star I cut out immediately.
{white star}
For the second star I drew a line a half inch
 larger around the entire image. 
{to show the difference in stars, I placed the first star
on top of my second one which was already cut from fabric}

Using blue wool, cut out smaller star pattern.
With your tan fabric, cut two stars from your larger pattern.
Trace once onto tan fabric and then flip
 the pattern & trace again.
{If you do not do this,
 your pieces will not match to sew together} 

Using 2 strands of Embroidery floss that matches your wool,
add the glass beads randomly all over the blue wool star.
Start by double knotting the end of your floss.
To begin bring your needle up from the back,
to the front of the star, add a bead and bring needle back 
through to the back of the star. 
Continue doing this until you have 
completely covered the star with beads.

Next cut a slit in the middle of one of  the tan fabric stars.
Place fabric with right sides together. 
Using 2 strands of matching tan floss,
 stitch the 2 star pieces together. 
{I sewed these by hand}
Once sewn, turn star inside out and lightly stuff.
Close up your star with a straight stitch,
using 2 strands of the tan floss.

Now place your blue star on top of the tan one,
and using 2 strands of blue floss, straight stitch
all around the star.

Now you are ready to hang on your Summertime tree.
I just tucked mine on a branch.
These would also make great bowl fillers!

You can also use white wool instead of blue
for a totally different look.

Hope you enjoy this tutorial as much as the last one.

This weekend I am going to finish this tree and then
show you the entire set up.
You can see that I already added some

Hope everyone enjoys their Holiday weekend.
Remember those who lost their lives 
so that we could be free.

Americana Star Blessings To All!


  1. Wow!! the star turned out so stunning.. love it..

  2. Thanks so much! I wish you guys a very nice weekend.

  3. Hi Janice,
    Another sweet tutorial! The tree will looks so wonderful filled with all those stars!!
    Hope you enjoy your weekend!
    Heart Hugs~

  4. Love the tutorials and the ideas. Have a blessed weekend.

  5. Such a cute and lever star for your Summer tree! I love how it sparkles with those beads too.


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