Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Americana Table Display Part 2

Happy Tuesday sweet friends.
My kitties decided to have a roue this morning,
and woke both Bob and I up much earlier than usual.
Not sure what the fight was about...
as all is well again.
Brothers fight at times I guess.

As promised here is my second half of the table display.
I changed up my bowl rack to feature Americana too.

This is what the left side looks like.

Now I added a script jug to the right of this teddy.

Tucked in this 48 star flag.
I am older than both Alaska and Hawaii.
(Are you?)
Red painted bowl to the right.

Decided to put the red bowl inside another,
and added this americana wood toy top.

Placed a tree inside the canvas suitcase,
for Christmas in July.

Diamond Ray Red, Silver and Blue icicles.
Plus vintage and antique silver ornaments.

I love how they sparkle in the light.

My antiques feather tree fits perfectly in this suitcase.
A Christmas present from Bob.

The entire display finished.
Well, somewhat finished.
I looked at this picture and decided the bowl rack
needs something else.
Stay tuned!
I have a plan.

Hope everyone has a great week.
Bob and I will soon be going on a mini buying trip,
so this will be my last post for the week.
I hope to purchase some antique(s) for both
our store and maybe a few for myself.

Table Display Blessings To All!


  1. I love it but I have purchased anything wonderful in so long.
    I am weeding out at this point and keeping only what I love but I love all of your things.

  2. Love your finishing touches to your summer Americana themes! The little tree in the suitcase is perfect too. I have a little tree that I keep up all year long and currently, it has some summer and Americana ornaments on it as well.

    I hope your mimi buying trip is a grand success and I look forward to seeing what you and Bob find! Safe travels!!

  3. Love it.. today we went to see a nineteenth century school house, there we saw many tools , like a toaster used 200 years back...

  4. You are so creative and talented. I love this.
    Have a fun trip.


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