Sunday, May 28, 2017

May CupboardScape

Happy Memorial weekend to all of you.
Hope you are doing what you enjoy!
I spent yesterday cleaning, doing laundry...
and then it hit me.
After going back and forth from my suitcase display,
I realized I did not do one for May yet.
Gosh, Geez Oh My I declared.

So here it is.
Dedicated to gramma H.

May was the time gramma brought out her
ringer washer and did laundry outside until Fall.
Once she let me try it..and I almost got my arm caught in it.
Gramma also loved her lilacs.
To this day, I have never seen a grove of purple lilacs
like she did on the farm.

It was also the time she would haul out her tick pillows
and throw rugs & beat them to death with her rug beater. LOL

She would bring out her clothespins in a dress like this one.
(this one used to be my moms)
Together we would hang the clothes on the line,
and I would make sure gramma never ran out of clothespins.

Although she did not use a wood mangle like this one,
she always wore her bonnet so as not to get too much sun.

I loved doing laundry with her in May,
because the lilacs smelled so good.
Plus the scent reached the clothes, so this time of year,
the farmhouse smelled of lilacs...especially the sheets.
It was like getting scented dryer sheets for free.

It was a time where a gramma and granddaughter,
spent time together doing a chore 
that at the time seemed fun.

The bloomers on the right are early ones.
The crotch is open, so that ladies of the day would be able
to pick up their dress or skirt and do their business.

Here is the opening.

Well of to enjoy the sunshine and finish
 weeding my front garden before the storms come in.

Scented Lilac Blessings To All!


  1. Yes, May has flown by and I can't believe we are heading into June already this next week. I loved your May cupboard in honor of your Grandmother. Your stories are so sweet and heart felt. I remember my Grandma had a washing machine on the back porch that was electric. The house, however, did not have running water so I remember we carried in buckets of water from the rain barrels out side and then had to carry out the dirty water from the machine. It was a lot of work!

    Your photo of the old bloomers is great. I always wondered what the women had to do with so many layers of long clothing to deal with when they needed to use the bathroom. I have my Grandma's old black bonnet that she wore outside and when they went to town in the horse and buggy. These things are treasure beyond measure!! I love the darling clothespin holder that looks like a little dress. How fun that you have you mother's old one to keep too!

  2. What a sweet post of precious memories. I remember being the clothespin girl, too! lol Beautiful photos. God bless the rest of the long weekend.

  3. oh dear!! hope you are feeling good now..

    Love the bonnet ..that's so cute!!

  4. Precious memories, don't you just love them! Hugs, Lecia

  5. Memories! My mom loved to hang clothes outside and sometimes they would even freeze!
    God Bless America :)

  6. Good Monday morning Janice
    What a delightful post!! I could almost see you as a wee one helping your grandmother.


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