Sunday, March 5, 2017

My Job Today

Sunday March 4th, 2017
My job today will be putting our kitchen back together.
Yesterday Bob and I spent the day with my daughter.
Bob measured for Mikalaya's (granddaughter) new loft bed.
She is going to be so surprised when it is finished.
Her comforter is in pinks, greens, turquoise, 
purple and black.

Bob is half Lebenese,
 so we went to our favorite Lebenese restaurant.
We ordered the dinner for three in which we enjoyed 
Hoummus, Baba Gannoush, Raw Kibbe (yuck)
Both Bob and Michele like it though.
Fried Kibbe (which I like)
Meat Pies, Tabboulie, Chicken Shwarma, 
Lamb Kabobs, Kafka, and Rice,
Bob and I then went to Hobby Lobby and bought
Mikayla some awesome colorful baskets which
will be placed inside the steps to her new loft bed.

We just had have breakfast with a friend this morning,
then Bob went off to purchase the wood for the loft,
while I went to the grocery store. 
Saw our friend Sandy there and chatted with her.
Always nice seeing you Sandy!

Now I am off to do laundry and get our kitchen back in order.

Bob put all of the furniture back in.

Now I have to clean all of the drywall dust
that is over everything.

The good part is that I am going to redo
things back in a different way somewhat.
It will give the space a whole new look.


Side of our fireplace where I have a pie peel
and a blue bench.
Ace inspecting as usual.
Our fireplace is in the middle of our house, 
with the back side facing our kitchen.

See the drywall dust on the bench,
This is what I get to look forward to.
Wish me luck.
What are your plans for this Sunday?

My Job Today Blessings To All!


  1. I love Mediterranean cuisine!! they are so yummy!!

  2. I do not envy you cleaning up the drywall dust. I look forward to you sharing the changes you are planning. I know your granddaughter will love the new bed! Hope you have a good evening.

  3. Love it so far! What is Kibbie?

  4. What a nice weekend to have time with your family and get started on completing the kitchen project. That construction dust is always hard to clean up! It seems like it wants to smear when you try and clean it all offf. Can't wait to see the final photos of how you fix up your new and updated kitchen.

  5. Love the pictures, hope the drywall dust didn't take long to get rid of. Enjoyed the chance meeting on Sunday and as always , i enjoy your blog


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