Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Can You Say E X C I T E D

I am tickled pink with joy on our new cabinet.
So glad Bob spotted this and wanted to take it home.
Also a bit sad that I am giving up one...
but alas I do not have the room anymore.

Hopefully the next person who purchases
our old cabinet will enjoy it just as much as we did.
(Barb if you are reading this, I know Bob
promised you first dibs on it...
you won't regret it if you purchase it.)

Just a recap.
This was the old one.

This is the new one.
Blue dry paint.
It looks gray in these pics, but it is blue.
Just not a bright blue like our old one.

It is somewhat similar to the dry paint cabinets
we have in our kitchen.

The trencher on top and the hornbeam on the right...
back of the bowl are new items I purchased.

I filled the trencher with fabric eggs for Spring.

Love this hornbeam.
A hornbeam is a part of a tree that would have been
hollowed out to be used as a vessel.

I am also excited that we now
 have a purchase agreement
for our store.
W O O H O O.
As of April 1st, we will officially own the building.

In other exciting news,

Hop little rabbit.
Hop little rabbit.
Don't you stop.
Hop little rabbit.
One two three.
Hop little rabbit.
HOP to ME!
                            {author unknown}

I am going to give away this sweet rabbit...
er should I say HARE.

I decided to intentionally not broadcast this giveaway.

This giveaway is for my loyal blogging friends.
The ones who actually read my blog posts.

For those of you who would like to win this hare.
Just comment on this post that you would like to have him.

I will announce the winner on Friday or Saturday.
The post will be about my rug progress....
and at the end I will reveal the winner.
Once again, just for my loyal friends.
My sincere appreciation to you all!

Well off to add more white to my Spring!!!

Exciting Blessings To All!


  1. Oh my goodness!! Your new cabinet is totally AWESOME!!!! Wow, what a fantastic find you and Bob came home with. While I love the old one too, this new one has the simplicity that just speaks to the viewer. Enjoy!!

    And that darling Hare.....Oh how I love his cute face! You are so creative in making seasonal decorative items. Please add me to the names to win this giveaway.

    We are home from Spain/Portugal and it feels so good to be back. While I enjoy visiting new places , there is nothing better than getting back to my home.

    A big congratulations on now owning your wonderful store! That is very exciting and I am happy for you and this big step for your business.

  2. Hi Janice! Your new cabinet is quite a gem - and I can see why you love it. I have never heard of horn beam before, but now I am completely in love and on the lookout. Congrats on your building - your shop is on my summer 2017 bucket list, I'm hoping sometime in July.

    Your little bunny is super cute and I really appreciate the chance to give him a home.

  3. Thanks for the opportunity to own one of your creations :)
    Wonderful new/old cupboard!
    Hugs :)

  4. I love both the new and old cabinet. I always enjoy your way of decorating. I also don't like modern decorating things and ideas.. I always enjoy vintage styles. I would love win the sweet little hare.. though I love to call him bunny.. XOXO..

  5. I love your cabinet! A girl cannot have to many cupboards/cabinets . I love your bunny also.

  6. lovely cabinet! such a sweet bunny!

  7. Love the new cupbord - actually all of it!

  8. I love your new cupboard. I have a slight addiction to them myself. : ) I wish I was close enough to shop in your new store. Good Luck to you. Thank you for the chance to win your cute little hare.

  9. Hi Janice,
    I just love your new cupboard and now see why you both wanted it!! It looks just perfect!! The new trencher and horn beam are fabulous!! I have several trenchers which I just love, and have never seen such a small horn beam before!! Great finds!! A Big Congratulations on purchasing the store!! How exciting!! If I ever get back to MI, I certainly want to visit!!
    Enjoy your week, my friend!!
    Heart Hugs~

  10. Love your old and new cabinet and the hornbeam. Exciting news about the store, congratulations . I would love to win your hare creation and always look forward to your posts.


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