Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Kitchen Redux

Happy Hump day all!
Please pray for those affected in this Nor'easter.
Almost a million folks here in Michigan lost power last week
and still 7000 without power a week later.
This will be my last post for the week
as we are heading to Holly, MI on Friday for a really
nice primitive show.
Hope to see some of you there.
I have to price items the next few days and Bob will be loading our van.
We have stored lots of nice prims for this show!

Tonight I would like to show you a few pics of our kitchen
I am not happy with these as I had to put the flash on...
so things look brighter than they normally are.
I will take more pics at another time.

I do love the white in here now.
Reminds me of both of my gramma's kitchens.
Both were white.
Gramma B had a small kitchen with a small dining area.
While Gramma H had a galley kitchen and also a dining area.

It makes our kitchen look bigger.

The wood floor makes it look clean.

Moved a few of my blue enamel pieces
 to the top of this cabinet.

The white apothecary is a different white than our walls.

The new linen curtains were purchased at Kohls.

I kept the Honey Crust sign here in the window.
It brings in the light while bringing privacy...
as my neighbor is close by.

Before I close, I want to give a big HOLA
to my blogging friend Mildred who is currently in Spain.
Hopefully the weather is nice out there for her.

Will take pictures at the show and show next week.
Taking some spending money with me too!
(shhh...don't tell Bob) :-)

Kitchen Redux Blessings To All!


  1. Great job in the kitchen, Janice! Everything really pops and shows up so nicely. Good luck at the Holly show. Wish I could come. Lori

  2. Hi Janice,
    Everything looks so nice and the white really makes all your primitives just pop!! The blue pieces look especially wonderful and I love your new wood floor!! You and Bob make a great team and did a wonderful job!! Hope you have a successful show and get some goodies, too!!!
    Heart Hugs~

  3. Hi Janice From Madrid Spain!! Is there a Mildred here too? The weather has been sunny and cool with no humidity. Perfect for walking and sightseeing too!

    I am loving your white kitchen and it gives me a great example of maybe doing the same with mine when we get to fixing it later this Spring. I think it shows off your prim furnishings well too. Come to think of it, I believe my Grandmather had a white kitchen as well. Sometimes white is the best choice despite all of the color choices out there. Have a great show and I hope you find some treasures for yourself as well! Can't wait for photos!

  4. I love your kitchen! The white is so pretty along with the wood floors. Everything is charming! I do not know your friend Mildred who is in Spain, but hello from another Mildred!

  5. Hi Janice, love your kitchen! Have fun at the show, it sounds wonderful. hugs, Lecia

  6. It is beautiful.. please give more pictures of the kitchen..

  7. Hi Janice! Love the bread sign - so cute in the window. Jane


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