Sunday, October 30, 2016

October CupboardScape With A Twist

Happy All Hallow's Eve to All!
Today's CupboardScape
features a bit of Halloween.

Let's see if you can guess the answers
to these Spooky questions ~ 
with answers below.

So let's begin our shadowy quiz.

1. The widow of what gun maker went mad after his death,
building room after room onto her mansion to escape
the ghosts of people killed with her husband's gun? 

2. What English king's beheaded wife, Anne Boleyn,
is said to haunt a castle in Great Britain?

3. What state plays host to the vindictive ghost of 
The Bell Witch?

4. A ghost who makes  no visible manifestation,
but is known only by a physical act is called what?

5. What is the stuff that ghosts are made of called?

 6. In the Ghostbuster movie, what marshmallow
company does Marshmallow Man represent?

7. The most famous Ghost ship is known as the flying ____?

8. What famous cruise ship is said to be haunted?

9. According to paranormal researchers,
the presence of a spirit can be felt by what?


1. Winchester
2. Henry VIII
3. Tennessee

4. Poltergeist
5. Ectoplasm
6. Sta- Puf

7. Dutchman
8. Queen Mary
9. A cold spot

How did you do with this ghostly quiz?

Hope you enjoyed both the quiz and CupboardScape.
What are your plans for Halloween?
Bob and I will be passing out candy at the store.
I love seeing all of the lil kiddos dressed up.

Happy Halloween Blessings To All!


  1. fun quiz I didn't know many.
    happy Halloween

  2. Have fun with the kiddos.
    With it on Monday this year nothing going on here.

  3. I didn't do well on the quiz, BUT, I am ready to had out candy tonight for our Trick or Treat kids. We seem to always have a lot of children as this is a safe neighborhood and we have many new families. I carved my porch pumpkin yesterday and gave it a trial run last night! Pretty cute all grinning and happy. It is supposed to be 87 today and that will make dressing up sort of hard for everyone. We just can't seem to shake this heat except for a few days that we enjoyed two weeks ago.

    Trick to Treat everyone!

  4. Very interesting. I got only about half of the answers correct, lol. Not may trick-or-treaters here, so just watching TV and blogging :)

  5. Happy Halloween Janice, I enjoyed the quiz...knew most but not all the was fun...

  6. I knew Queen Mary, poltergeist, Henry VIII, cold spot and one other, I think. Fun quiz and beautiful cupboardscspes!


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