Monday, October 3, 2016

Saying Goodbye To An Old Friend

Saying hello to a new one.

Good evening friends.
It was a foggy drive into work this morning.
Looks to be getting foggy again.

Saturday on our way home from visiting with my mom,
we stopped at an antique store.
Then it happened.
 I said goodbye to an old friend.

My old friend being this 
Whitney Reed rocking horse.

For those who do not know the story of this horse...
I had to pass it up one year at a sale.
The following year I went back to the same sale,
and it was still there.
I purchased it and took it home.

However Saturday I had to let it go.
Goodbye dear old friend.
But hello new friend!

My new Whitney Reed rocking horse.

A fine dapple one.

With the mane and tail intact.
Saddle and stirrups intact.
A stunning example of one.

It looks amazing don't you think?

Although I would have loved to have kept
both of them....
my house is not big enough for both.
So my old friend went to the store,
for someone else to enjoy.

Do you like my new friend?
This one will be my forever one
since I paid full price.

Goodbye Old Friend Blessings To All!


  1. He's a beauty! So nice with all the trimmings, main and tail intact. Enjoy your new friend! Lori

  2. I have never seen or heard of a Whitney Reed rocking horse before but your new one is spectacular! Wow, what a find and a beauty to keep. No doubt someone else will want your original horse as it was also lovely. enjoy!!

  3. Oh my gosh - he is amazing!!!! I have never seen one like, truly a treasure. Jane

  4. Beautiful horse..Janice..I love mine too!!! Mine doesn't have stirrups...but he is a beautiful! THey are getting harder and harder to find!


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