Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Holiday Beginnings

Ok, so don't hate me too much here.
Bob and I spent many hours into the wee night
yesterday decorating parts of our store for...
you guessed it

This year's theme was a Victorian
snowy Christmas.

This actually reminded me of gramma H's
farmhouse, where pinks, silvers and touches
of gold were throughout.
Her furniture was this stained color as well.

Where she would sit on her settee
with either a cup of strong coffee or hot tea
or hot chocolate with marshmallows on a cold 
Winter's night.
If we had a player piano playing 
Jingle Bells or Silent Night,
I would swear I was in gram's parlor right now.

(my mom made the pillow for us)
I think she did an awesome job for being 82!

Although gram was not much of a baker...
she made some of the best holiday fudge.
I have her recipe and make it just before
Christmas each year now. 
She would store it in tins like this.

The cake plate reminded me of the story my dad told
of his brother being the big shot carrying gram's
chocolate cake from the kitchen into the dining room
on a glass plate similar to this..
He was boasting about carrying it....
and plop it all went on the floor.
They had no chocolate cake that night,
and needless to say Uncle Ken
no longer carried the cake again. LOL

A bit of my dad came through too.
S I L E N T    N I G H T
was his favorite carol.

Gram also liked collecting these 40's and 50's Santas.
Not sure who in the family got her collection though
after she passed.

This Santa actually came from an old store
that went out of business where they used him as a display.
He proudly waves to folks walking down the street.
He is a mechanical one and still works....
until he gets overheated, then stops.
Works again when cooled down.
We love him!

Outside looking in at our fireplace.
The stockings are not filled,
but as a child mine were filled with candies,
cookies and treats...not toys.

Oh the memories of Christmas.
I do believe in the 8 years of Christmas store displays,
this is my favorite.

Will have to take night time pictures.

It sure has brought back many wonderful
 childhood memories.

Do you have any Christmas memories
 you would like to share?

This is a part of what we accomplished.
More to come...even a section
we call our Primitive Christmas,
which we will do in a couple of weeks.
We have back to back shows these next two weekends.
Lots and lots of wonderful early prims for our customers.
I will try to take pics as I price things.

Holiday Beginning Blessings To All!


  1. It's gorgous Janice! How can you stay up so late when you have to go to your other job everyday? Let us know when primitive Christmas is set up and I will talkjanet into a trip your way!
    I love your stories!

  2. Your shop looks beautiful, Jan!! I can't wait to come back but I'll have to make sure you are working on that day!!

  3. I absolutely love your Victorian Christmas display. Everything looks so pretty. Would love to be able to visit.

  4. Your store decorations are lovely! They make me feel like I was 6 years old again at Christmastime. Back in the 1950s, many stores were decorated like what you did and your store brings back a flood of memories. I especially love the little red santas on the shelf. Too cute!!

    Looking forward to your Prim Christmas displays when you get them done. I hope you have great shows the next two weekends!! Keep us posted on how everything goes.

  5. Hi Janice,
    How could anyone hate you for loving Christmas?? Your store displays are so beautifully done and you can feel the love you put into them, especially when you share your stories!!
    Can't wait to see more, especially your Primitive section!
    Thank you for your sweet visit and comment to my blog!! Hope you find that watermelon you are looking for!!
    Heart Hugs~

  6. Christmas!

    I do love it. I even want to put the tree But, is it just me, or was July 4th like five minutes ago?

  7. Oh, I would love to be able to visit your shop...such lovely displays...Poor Uncle Ken, but he could never live that one

  8. Hi Janice! Your shop looks fabulous all decked out for Christmas! I can't believe how close the holidays are, but I have the decorating itch and am planning on starting this weekend. Have a blessed day my friend! Jane


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