Sunday, October 9, 2016

Witchy Store Displays

Happy Sunday morning all!
Today I would like to show you our
recent Halloween Witchy store display.

Its all about the witch.
Bob purchased this 1950's costume
in the Summer and it set the tone
 for the display this year.
I tried to show the day time look for each pic...

followed by the night time one.
But not all.

Do you think she looks like a hag who could
put a spell on you?

I made the witch feet by sewing up some
black & orange fabric tubes; stuffing them.
then putting the tubes inside my black
Victorian boots.

Bob worked his magic by attaching to the fireplace.

Don't you think he did an awesome job!

Our funky candelabra.

With tiny black bats at each tip of the candle.
(we used children's plastic bat rings for this)
The dollar store had spider ones too....

Bob hung the witch hats from the ceiling,
and since he used fishing line...
they look like they are floating in air.

He then hung three brooms the same way
up against our window, and I put the sign up.

At the corner of our window,
he put more brooms inside a nail keg.

Then I added more signs for towns.
The miles are actual miles from our store.
Thank you Mapquest.

Witch Lake, MI 513 miles
Salem, MA 702 miles
Hell, MI 97 miles
and yes we do have both a Witch Lake
and Hell Michigan town in our state.

Night time view of our witch cauldron.

A mouse peeking out of a table drawer.


The two skulls that look like they are floating,
are actually on a glass scale.
A third is on the black dresser.

The window display from the street view.
Bob decided to add a spider web to the middle.
Hope you enjoyed peeking into our bit of Halloween.

Witchy Store Displays Blessings To All!


  1. Hi Janice,
    You two did a fabulous job on your displays!! Love those orange and black legs coming down from the chimney! Wonderful groupings and the window looks amazing!
    Sure wish I could stop by for a visit!
    Heart Hugs~

  2. Janice~ You and Bob did a fantastic spooky display in your store!!! That witch costume is the best. I also love the legs hanging down in the fireplace and all the night photos with the lights. I bet window shoppers are all loving your store front too. Window dressings like you have done are a tradition that has been dying out ,and I think people love it when someone takes the time to create one! Sure wish I lived closer and could visit your store!

  3. love it, wish I could see it in person. Lots of thought and work for you all.

  4. Wonderfully imaginative as always. That is one scary witch, great job.

  5. Wonderfully imaginative as always. That is one scary witch, great job.


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