Sunday, June 26, 2016

June CupboardScape

Good Sunday morning my sweet friends.
I finished up my chores this morning.
Weeding, watering, laundry and dishes.
Now I will sit back and watch some tv
whilst working on some witch boots.
I have been working almost daily on
Halloween goodies.
Will show more pics in a later post.

I have been spending so much time 
on my needlework,
that I almost forgot my June CupboardScape.

Since June was the month I always use
to start hanging out my sheets on the line,
I thought this would be a fitting CupboardScape.
Does anyone remember their mom or gramma
using Niagara starch.
This was a staple in their homes.

My gramma would wash and hang dry 
all of the winter woolens.
My grampa H always wore longjohns in the Winter.
Gramma H would use a wood mangle to scrub clothes.

Both gramma H, gramma B and my mom
would use a fabric pouch for their clothespins.
I even have my mom's now.

Lye soap and Lava soap was a laundry staple
in both of my grandparents homesteads.
It was the only soap used
to wash off the dirt and grime on the farm.

Of course you needed something to rinse 
that soap off with.
Gramma B did not have indoor plumbing
 until I was 13. 
Enamel pitchers, pots and pans were everywhere.
It was what we used in our daily life on the farm.

It was a hard life back then,
but many fond memories of it.
It gave us strength, we were kind to others,
and never boastful. It was a simple life,
but a happy life.

Cherished Laundry Blessings To All!


  1. Hello Janice...I so enjoyed reading your post. Brought back a lot of memories of a life my grandparents lived? It was hard work but they never complained. I used to love scrubbing grandpas socks on the wash board....or warsh board as my mom always called it.your June scape was very fitting. Have a great week...hugs Marg.

  2. Hi Janice,
    Such a sweet cupboardscape this month!!! Laundry was certainly hard work back then with scrub boards and harsh soaps! I remember my mother having a ringer washer when I was very small and also hanging clothes on the line! They always smelled so good!!! Thanks for sharing your special memories!
    Enjoy your week of creating!
    Heart Hugs~

  3. HI Janice~ I remember summers doing laundry with my grandmother who did not have indoor plumbing. She had these huge rain barrels beside the house we used for the water and a machine that worked off of electricity but needed the wringer to be worked by hand. The #1 item that stands out in my mind was blueing solution for the whites. Of course laundry was all hung out on the lines on sunny days and it smelled so good when you took it down.

    Can't wait to see what you are making for Halloween!! It is my favorite holiday of the year!

  4. Hi Janice! There is so much charm in the old fashioned laundry ritual - although my grandma might disagree if she were alive today, lol. Love hanging sheets on the line (I just did a blog post about that the other day). Thanks for sharing your lovely cupboardscape. Jane


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