Thursday, June 9, 2016

Guest Room Part Two

Good evening sweet friends.
Woohoo the weekend is almost here!
Did I tell you that I am sooooo
glad to get our room back...well I am.
Plus in a few weeks, Bob will be
once again working on our master bedroom.
Once he is able to that is.
Cannot wait to show you what I have planned
for that room.

As I stated in my last post,
I decided to have a sewing/ seamstress theme
for our guest room, while still having it 
somewhat cozy.
This early dress form I will NEVER part with.

We found this pine washstand
and then the ironstone pitcher afterwards.
One of my many splint baskets underneath.

Even though this chippy white painted cupboard
looks like a corner cabinet...
it was just placed on an angle.

Another splint basket rests on top,
along with a hurricane kerosene lamp 
and hat pin holder.
I am still on the hunt for some more early hat pins.
The hunt is always fun for me. 

An early brown bonnet with a repo blue one.
This is my sewing table. 
My sewing machine is on the floor
underneath the table when not in use.

Corner chair with a large doll I made.
Her hat is an early one I found.

Brown cabinet to the right completes the room.
I store craft supplies in here along with the other
chippy white one.

This brings us right back to the bed.
The brown cabinet above is just to the left of the bed.
The portrait above the bed
 is my great grandpa Robert's sister Teresa.
My sister Teresa was named after her.
However this picture gives her the creeps,
so she gave it to me.
I think it is a lovely portrait and so it hangs
proudly over our guest bedroom!

Do you find that some antiques give you the creeps,
or do you enjoy them as mush as I do?
Or maybe both?
I did have a bad feeling once when Bob
brought home a different portrait.
It was the weirdest feeling and I screamed
at him to get it out of the house NOW....
which he did.
That never happened to me before, but for some reason
it did that time.
Something I cannot explain in the 20+ years
I have been buying and selling antiques.
Hope it does not happen again.

Guest Room Blessings To All!


  1. Your guest/sewing room is lovely, Janice! Anyone would love to stay, I'm sure. Well, maybe not your sister! :-)

  2. Morning Janice, your guest bedroom looks wonderful filled with many treasures. Yes, I find some old portraits very scary looking too. Blessings Francine.

  3. What a beautiful guest room. 'Love that dress form and the white chip cupboard. Janice, you really are a great decorator!

  4. Your guest room is awesome! Great job decorating it! It's also a plus that the kitties approve. lol. As for creepy antiques, I really don't do dolls/doll parts or portraits. Nearly all creep me out. :( I know most people love them, so I'm the odd one out.


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