Monday, June 6, 2016

Bedroom Part One And Rug Progress

Good evening sweet friends.
Saying a prayer for those affected with Tropical Storm Colin.
Bob's sister lives in one of the areas. Bob called her earlier to make sure all was well.
Its hard to imagine winds being that severe,
 along with the rain.

My son moved out just before Bob's surgery,
and we were able to move our furniture back mere days before Bob's surgery.
Thank you again for the well wishes and prayers.
Bob is doing fine...just has to keep doing his excercises,
and soon he will be back to normal.
Well not until the end of August if all goes well.

Tonight I will feature part one of our spare room.
Its been over a year since we have had our room
looking like this, so its nice to get back to a prim look.
Ace loves sleeping on his rug again.

I asked Bob if he would hang my early pattern
picture above this chippy white cabinet.
Since this bedroom is also my sewing room,
I wanted to keep a seamstress/ sewing theme in here.

Shadow decided to take his turn on the quilt.
Decided on a lighter summer quilt for Spring/ Summer.
The wrought iron bed is an antique 3/4 bed.
We still have to order a mattress to fit perfectly on it.
Right now we have a twin on it which makes it look smaller.

Side view towards the closet.

Closet door which Bob bought at the 1800's house
which was being torn down.
Bob managed to save 8 doors which all but two
have been hung up.
One for our bedroom closet once Bob is able to redo,
and the other for our laundry room.

On another note,
4 hours while Bob was in surgery,
I worked on my newest hooked rug.

As you can see I am almost finished with the background.
Just have this tiny piece of orange background,
and then will try another technique to finish it.
If all works out, it will be for sale.

Well off to play Soda Crush...that and Candy Crush
are my guilty pleasures....shhh don't tell Bob. LOL

Monday Evening Blessings To All!


  1. that old door looks great in your room!
    Silly kitties looking so cozy cute!!!!

  2. Your guest room is wonderful, Janice! I love all the white and those doors.... swoon.....

  3. Morning Janice, what a cozy bedroom, you really put things together nicely, gifted decorator. Sweet kitties are so cute, pray for Bobs sister.Blessings Francine.

  4. I love the old door, and your bedroom...and your kitties. I know a girl who papered one wall with old patterns. I couldn't do that but I really like yours in the frame.


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