Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Hidden Jewel

Good evening sweet friends!
Can you believe we are already half through the year
 at the end of this month?????

Am working on Halloween goodies for shows and our store.
Yes, the blacks, oranges and brown fabric has shown up
in our house...confined to the living room
right now. LOL
When I get into the midst of things...
it seems to creep into the whole house.
Its as if the ghosts and goblins take over.

I wanted to show you our hidden jewel.
I have always wanted a cabinet like this.

My glass coffee jars fit just right.

Do you know what is hidden behind the curtain...
er doors?

If you guessed our tv, then you are correct.
It fit our 42" tv perfectly.
Now we can close the doors and it is prim perfect.
Now to find one for the other tv in our living room.

Do you have a cabinet to hide your hidden jewel?

Hidden Jewel Blessings To All!


  1. My TV is in an antique corner cupboard. It was measured before a TV was purchased so it would fit. My stereo is housed in the bottom of a step back cupboard.
    Your cupboard is perfect.
    Happy June :)

  2. No, my TV is sitting atop of a modern stand with shelves and doors. Your cabinet is so prim and functional. 'Love it.

  3. Hi Janice...did you paint your cupboard? I have that chippy white one I bought a couple of weeks ago and am debating on whether or not to paint's kind of grungy looking and I'm not into grungy, but I hate to paint it too...Love all of your coffee colorful!! Hope Bob is doing well.

  4. Wow!!!!!! Love the cupboard, tv looks great in it.Blessings Francine.

  5. LOL that cupboard is awsome!!!!Did you paint it or was it like that?
    Hows Bob feeling?

  6. Love, love, love the cupboard, Janice! I hope Bob is on the mend. Give him my best.

  7. Love your cabinet. Great idea for your TV. Have a great weekend.


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