Thursday, August 7, 2014

Out With The Old

I cannot believe it is Thursday already.
Where does the time go?
First off, I want to thank those
for best wishes to both Bob and his brother.
All went well with his test today...
except he has a small hole in his colon...
and now needs more fiber in his diet.
He now has to take Metamucel every day.

We are off again to have dinner with Michele & the kids.
Its my grandson Mikey's birthday today.
Dinner tonight and his party will be next month
with his friends from school.

Many of you ask how I can part with some of the things we find.
I have to admit,
it is hard not to keep everything...
but owning a business,
I would never make any money if I kept it all.
There are times I like to bring in a piece
and then take it out.
Its like having a designer come in and change things...
except I am the designer.

This is what happened last week.
If you remember we found this awesome
blue pie safe.

Even though I liked the color...
I was not happy with this piece.
I always tell our customers,
Do not purchase something unless you love it.
I mean really love it.
In essence a piece has to call me
to stay in the house.

I call it out with the old and in with the new.
Now I am not saying this was not an awesome find.
It was and is a good piece...just not my forever one.

So in with the new.
I originally had this piece in my bedroom.
I have a plan for our new master bedroom...
well this piece did not fit with my plan.
Out with the old again.

Now my favorite colors are red, brown and blue.
Perfect prim colors.
You probably are now thinking I am a crazy woman to get rid of
this blue jam cabinet after just pulling the pie safe out.
Sometimes there is a method to my madness.

I took the blue jam cabinet out of our bedroom
and moved it to the hall where the pie safe was.
Now here comes the crazy lady's reasoning. LOL

This cabinet will work better in my new design for our bedroom.
I love the blue paint on the inside of this beauty!
Now this is the funny part.
Last year this brown/ blue cabinet was in our house for a day.
Usually if I let Bob bring in a large piece...
it usually stays..for longer than a day at least.
Once Bob had it in the store, I kept telling myself,
I should have kept that piece.
Well a few weeks ago Bob brought home this next piece.
Once I saw brain started working overtime.
I made Bob take it to the store and place it on the cabinet
 I should have kept.
I knew then that out with the old does not always work out. LOL

Although it is too high to place directly on this cabinet,
it will fit perfectly in my plan.
God must have known this beauty was meant to be ours.

This all happened with Bob bringing in something new.
I am so glad we are antique I would not be able to do this.
Now I am on the hunt for one more perfect piece to complete
my plan...
There may be a few in and outs before this happens.
Time will tell.

So which of these beauties do you like?

Tomorrow I am off on my annual antique trail trip with my mom.
Hopefully I will find more goodies for both our store
and myself as well.

In And Out Blessings To All!


  1. You have a very nice husband! Part of the fun of a new piece is the playing around with it! Great that sweet horse!

  2. It's always good to have a plan! You can't go wrong with any of the pieces.

  3. Wonderful pieces.
    So glad everything is went well.
    I love the blue jam cubbard.
    So fun for you.
    Woolie hugs

  4. I will take them all (smile)....such fun to play with great pieces of furniture!

  5. Oh my, love them all, you really have such great prim pieces. Blessings Francine.

  6. I LoVe them all too, but I am hung up on the blue one with glass doors. Absolutely LoVe that one. Would be a great place to show all my fabrics. Haha! Some of them anyway! I would have a hard time too in that business.
    I 'd want to keep it my home:)
    Hugs Marg.

  7. Beautiful!! I would love to come with you sometime. You do such a great job at what you do. :-)

  8. Love them all! Love the pic of the horse on the coverlet with the light under it too Janice - so warm and inviting. ~*~Lisa


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