Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August CupboardScape

Happy Happy Tuesday morning
sweet blogging buddies!
Today I am at the store working for hubby Bob
whilst he takes his dad to our U of M hospital
for a check up on his prosthetic leg.
He took our car and I was to take the van to the store.
When I got the van packed with stuff I wanted to take,
I realized my eyeglasses were in my car in Ann Arbor, MI.

I knew I was suppose to put them in my purse last night..
but forgot.

I had to call on one of my dear sweet neighbors to bring me here.
I am thankful for good friends...

On another note my dear Bob celebrated another birthday yesterday.
He wanted steak, so we went to one of the local restaurants in town.

Thursday he has to go in for a colonoscopy.
Please say a prayer that all is well.
His younger brother just found out he has colon cancer,
thus the reason for Bob's going in for this check up.

Oh my...so much time has gone by since my last post.
Been busy working on goodies for our upcoming 
Harvest At The Mill
Holly, MI show
September 6th

Cannot wait to meet fellow bloggers and vendors and both!

Now back to today's post.
For this month's CupboardScape
I chose
Wash Day.

Wash day at Gramma H's
was a weekly outside routine.
 In the Spring and Summer months,
she would haul out her hand roller washer on the back porch.
Wash the clothes in the machine...
and crank through the wringer.

Even though she did not use a bucket and mangle,
this was still somewhat done by hand.
I remember once getting my hand almost caught in that ringer.
That would have been a tragic mistake if it was an electric one.
Whew I was lucky.

Bricks of both lye and Lava soap was her preferred soaps.

She would use her plunger to help in removing the
dirty water from the drain which was connected to a hose underneath
the washer that drained to the side yard. 

There was something special being outside watching her doing
this chore as she made it so simple.
She loved flowers and the sweet smell 
of them perfumed the air around us.

All of the clothes that went through the washer,
were then hung on the clothesline to dry
in the perfumed air.
Our clothes smelled so nice afterwards!

Socks, towels, underwear and clothes were done.
Sheets washed monthly.
Those took longer...but sleeping on a sheets that hung outside....
hmmm...well I hope you all have the chance to experience this at least once.

In the Winter months gramma H had a clothesline
in her stone basement. 
She did not purchase a dryer until she moved 
from the homestead in 1973. 

My mom  carried on this tradition a bit
and she would hang sheets and towels on the line just in the Summer.
I did the same until I moved here to the river.
I do miss the heavenly smell though.

Does anyone hang their clothes out to dry?
Did anyone experience sleeping in natural perfumed sheets
 that were hung outside?

Outdoor Perfumed Blessings To All!


  1. Janice, I love love love this display! Those are great memories you have. I just can't imagine having to do the wash that way. I will say a little prayer for Bob.

  2. Well my dryer broke recently so been hanging out till fall then I'll buy a new one. Today I hung the sheets and quilt to dry so can't wait to cuddle into them. Your display is wonderful! Been looking for a wood washboard. Warm Blessings! Amy

  3. Hang out sheets, etc regularly-but not underwear or towels-too stiff. I did run my hand/ arm through the wringer but no big damage.

  4. Hello,
    Yes, I still hang out my laundry in Spring, Summer and Autumn. :-) I love the feel of towels that dry outside in the sunshine. You are right, sheets smell so good with good outside perfume, sun and wind.
    Fun post, thank you.

  5. I hang our sheets on the line. A great memory from staying at my grandparents.
    Happy Birthday hugs to bob and colonoscopy is easy ( if your sedated) and pray all is healthy.
    The prim show sure will be fun and here soon.

  6. I remember my grandma making lye soap. And was day took a whole day, they came the ironing, boy didn't our grandma's work hard, thanks for sharing, I enjoyed all of your photo's. hugs Lecia

  7. Beautiful Laundry display and story!! Will say a prayer for Bob. We were in the thumb over the weekend. Thought of you. We were at the Civil War re-enactment and Vintage Trailer and boat show!! It was an awesome weekend. I love hangin my laundry out and like you especially bedding. XOXO Love Fran.

  8. Oh nothing like outside dried laundry. I love all your prim displays Janice, you really have the knack putting together goodies, Blessings Francine.

  9. Hi Janice! Sending some prayers for Bob and his brother. My hub just installed a little laundry line for me this summer - I LOVE IT. I have some sheets drying on it right now!!! Jane

  10. I always love your displays. Wish you could come to my messy place.
    Good thoughts for your husband and his brother, prayers and blessings too. II would love to come to Holly in Sept., have to find someone to come with me.


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