Wednesday, January 15, 2014

We Separated

Good evening dear sweet friends.
I have the Winter Blahs
and so looking forward to Spring.

No Bob and I did not separate.
He is making progress on the bedroom.
We separated the closet space.
To the left will be shelves for more displays.


The right will be our closet and Bob will hang our new door there.
This originally was one big cedar closet.

We decided not to remove the cedar,
but will paint over it on the shelf side.

Bob ripped off a bit of outside wall to find out if we had insulation.
Since I was told this was a Summer home when built, 
I was not sure if there was any insulation on the outer walls.
Yippee..we do!!

Now instead of ripping off all of the paneling, 
Bob will just dryall (sheetrock) over it.  

Hubby working on my shelves.
He is also going to make a small door at the bottom, so I can hide
more wool and fabric.
I cannot wait to see how he makes the door!


This is going to be a slow process 
because he only gets two days off a week
from working our store,
but I will continue to keep you updated on our...
oops... Bob's progress. LOL

Progressive Blessings To All!


  1. Oh man, what I wouldn't give for a bedroom re-do! Love that cedar lining in the closet Janice. It's going to be awesome - exciting! 'Tis the season for cabin fever & winter blues & blahs. Dig in and hang on friend...spring is on it's way! (let's just keep telling each other that ;0) ~*~Lisa

  2. So much fun when our hubbys are making changes for us ,right Janice? Can't wait to see it all finished. A girl never gets enough display or storage space.

  3. Looking great Janice, how great with all the shelves. Blessings Francine.

  4. How awesome..way to go Bob!! Can't wait to see it all finished...Hugs lil raggedy

  5. Looking good! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  6. Wow, can not wait to see the rest of the story ;-)


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