Sunday, January 5, 2014

My Sunday Afternoon View

Good afternoon Dear sweet friends.
I am staying put at home today with the snow coming down.
Working on more bunnies.
The snow has been coming down all morning now.
Fine to heavy white stuff and not stopping soon.
Bob decided to close the store for the day
since we are under a Winter storm warning.
He is watching a cop flick in the other room.

Since I am home today
I thought I would give you a peek inside of 
what my afternoon view is like in my living room.

Here is a birds eye view...well my
from my couch.
The chippy off white painted cabinet which our tv sits on.
I keep my stash of wool and fabric in here.
One of my secret spots..I have many more. LOL
A gal cannot have enough fabric I say.
The piece to the left is an early church bench.

Can you tell what I like to watch?
I love old Westerns and Black and white movies.

Ace's newest place to sleep for his afternoon nap.
My 1800 splint wood basket.

Where I sit and work on my crafts.
Big box of Morning Glory this stuff!

Shadow's favorite afternoon spot.

My pick me up tea.
To the left some early prim skates and red mitts.

Another view.

A view into our hallway and part of the kitchen.

Hope you enjoyed what I get to look at during my afternoons.

Sunday Afternoon Blessings To All!


  1. What a lovely tour, Janice! I spy many wonderful pieces that I would love to own myself! Yep, we're staying put today, too. Rob is snow throwing and I'm putzing and stitching! Have a great day, stay warm and I hope to see you soon!

  2. That was fun Janice, your home is very cozy. Good day to stay home. winds are starting to pick up now. I hope I can make it back to work tomorrow.
    I love the jug lamp on your table!!!!
    I've been watching Property Brothers all afternoon.
    Have fun with those bunnies.
    Stay Warm

  3. Enjoyed the tour Janice. Would love to visit and snuggle with those fur babies. Enjoy your afternoon. Stay warm.

  4. Oh Janice, your home is so cozy, love it. Many wonderful prims I spy, love the chippy white cabinet.....Stay warm, Francine.

  5. Thanks for sharing Janice! Cozy comfy! Sweet kitties look contented!

  6. Loved seeing a glimpse into your world. Love all your wood pieces and I'm a sucker for big baskets.
    Stay warm!


  7. Love your chippy painted TV cabinet...and a glimpse into your world...I agree a gal can never have to much wool...Stay safe and warm...

  8. lovely view, that's a great room, I love the bench near the tv!

  9. Oh what a wonderful cozy home filled with love.
    And your dear furry kids.
    Woolie Blessings

  10. Hi Janice. I love your white cabinet. And you are right.........a girl can never have enough fabric :)
    Love your critters.
    Stay warm. It is snowing and blowing here in Ontario too.

  11. Such a wonderfully warm and cozy home! Thanks for sharing it.Stay warm my friend.Hugs,Jen


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