Friday, January 3, 2014

Doing The Bunny Hop

Good morning sweet friends.

With this cold 2 degree below temperature (actual)
and the heavy snow that came down last night,
I decided to work from home today.

River is already also heavy with ice...
which is not so good for the docks.
Freighters are going slow now.
If the ice continues to jam up,
they may get stuck in the ice.
This happens once in awhile.

During my Christmas vacation I spent most of my time
creating bunnies.
Here is a few of what I did.

My kitchen... work table. LOL

Bunnies holding red tulips.

Miss Esther B
holding a carrot in each arm.

Do you prefer with the button?

Or without?

Bunny Hop Blessings To All!


  1. Love the bunnies Janice. Also loved the fireplace area in your last post at the shop. For some reason blogger would not let me comment. Wish we had snow.

  2. me one of each Janice!!! At Dawns show right?
    Very cute!

  3. Cute. With a button. Old buttons are the best!

  4. Very cute bunnies! Love those holding the tulips!

  5. Hi Janice, love your bunnies with or without the button, so prim perfect.....Keep warm my friend, Francine.

  6. Hi Janice,
    How very sweet your bunnies are!!! I love old buttons and think maybe do half with and half without! They are cute either way!!!
    Glad you are safe and snug at home!! How well I remember those cold OH, MI, and PA winters when I lived there!!!
    Sending WARM Hugs and sunshine~

  7. Hi Janice, I love your bunnies, they are adorable, OK I am ready for spring now. hugs, Lecia


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