Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Antique Bed Dilemma

Good morning dear sweet friends.
Hope everyone is doing good.
This morning we are having record low temps here in 
my neck of the woods in Michigan.
13 below zero is the actual temp. BRRR
I will be working from home again,
so thankfully I do not have to go outside.

Our new year is starting out with a set back. 
At the present moment,
Bob and I have an antique bed dilemma.

We purchased this wonderful bed from a fellow antique friend.

We brought it in from the garage just to have a bed in the bedroom
before we start the re-do.

An early wrought iron beauty.
What do you think?


Someone painted it brown and yellow,
but the white is coming back through.
Bob wanted to sand it down,
but I like the chippy look.
What do you think?

Now our friend told us the bed was a twin...
Our mattresses are twin.
The bed is a 3/4 one.
See how our twin mattress looks so small inside this bed frame.

Did I say 


Our perfect bed is no longer perfect to us.
Now we have to educate our friend on what a 3/4 bed is.
Shame on us for not measuring it before we bought it.
3/4 beds were individually made before beds were mass produced.
They are bigger than a twin and smaller than a full.
The usual measurements for these beds are 48' X 72'.
3/4 beds came into style in place of rope beds primarily for comfort,
as they came with wood slats to place your mattress on.
These new modern beds were made until the early 20th century.

Money pit now.


Do we start over and find another one?


We decided to spend the money for the correct mattresses
for our perfect bedroom.
It will have to be ordered, so no bed for now.
Some folks just put a piece of plywood on top, 
then add a full mattress on top of the plywood.
However with a twin this is not practical. 

Hope we do not have any other problems with our redux.

Crossing my fingers.

I have chosen a color palette of blues, tans and whites.
Still trying to find an old door.
Bob has contacted all of our antique friends to be on the look out.
Wish us luck.

If any of you are in this frigid arctic weather,
please stay warm and cozy inside if you are able too.
It is not fit for man or even pets.

Antique Bed Blessings To All!


  1. I have a lovely turned wooden bed that is 3/4...the price was so good I HAD to buy it. Sometimes a bed is so lovely, it is worth paying the extra for the 3/4 mattress. I think it is wonderful to use these pieces of history, rather than toss them aside.

  2. Good morning Janice, you have educated me on beds. I love the chippy headboard, I would leave it as it is unless it is coated in lead paint...Your are correct it is not fit for man nor beast out there...Have a good day...

  3. Hi Janice! Glad you can stay in today. I think the white would be nice with your new pallet of tans & blues! I never knew there was such a thing - 3/4 size bed. I like it. 'Tis not fit for man nor beast'! Stay Warm - Lisa

  4. Afternoon Janice, love the bed chippy like it is..to bad about the mattress, will all be ok....Stay Warm, Francine.

  5. Janice that is a gorgeous bed! I like the look of the chippy paint.Stay warm,Jen

  6. OY VEY...darn old pretty beds anyway lol...Am glad you are able to stay in ...it's miserable here in Ohio as well...and fyi STARTING today I am back to blogging...sure have missed you...Hugs lil raggedy

  7. Great information. Actually, I never thought about what a 3/4 bed means. Would have probably assumed twin size. The bed will be worth the wait for the mattress, although this project is costing you a bit. Sometimes sellers do not really know what they have for sale. Sometimes we purchasers don't really know what we are buying, lol. Looking fiorward to seeing the finished photos :)

  8. We had a 3/4 bed that we converted to a queen

  9. Absolutely gorgeous! I love all the fabulous layers of bedding and those ticking pillows! Love those!!!!!!!!!.Princess Car Beds

  10. Antique auctions online are set to grow exponentially over the next few years and if you let yourself be left out of the loop bid or buy antiques..


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