Thursday, December 5, 2013

Naughty Or Nice Giveaway

Good evening sweet dear friends.
Can you believe there are only 20 days left until Christmas?
Whew, where did the days go?

As promised, this will be my last giveaway for the year.
Up for adoption is my latest Santa creation wearing his nightgown.
Wrapped around his nightgown is an aged paper gingerbread.

Santa is ready for bedtime and he decided to go over his
naughty and nice list one more time before Christmas,
as things are getting pretty hectic at the North Pole.
Now Santa knows everyone at some point has been on his naughty list,
however they always did something good to get back on his nice list.

For this giveaway,
I would like each of you to let me know something 
naughty and something nice that you did as a child.

Here are a few of mine.

Janice's Naughty List
My younger sister Teresa is very afraid of worms.
One day I decided to play a naughty trick on her.
I asked her if she wanted me to push her on the swing.
She agreed, so I started pushing her really hard, so that she could go high.
When she was on the high end, I quickly placed a worm underneath the swing.
When she came back on the downside of course she saw the worm,
and started screaming.
She would not get off the swing and of course I did not remove the worm.
My mom ended up coming outside and she took her off the swing.
I of course was on Santa's naughty list.

My parents first home was decorated in the 50's style,
with primary colors of pink and turquoise.
I of course at the time preferred the turquoise over the pink.
The bathroom was also tiled in pink.
One day whilst I was brushing my teeth, I kept staring at that pink tile.
The light bulb went on.
Why not paint the tile turquoise!
I proceeded to add more Crest turquoise toothpaste to my brush,
and started painting the tile with it.
I thought it was a masterpiece.
My mom thought differently.
Once again I was on Santa's naughty list.

Well, I must have done something good each year
as I always received presents under the tree and no coal in my stockings. LOL

Janice's Nice List
One cold Winter while I was walking to school,
I heard a faint meow in a ditch near the road I was walking on.
At first I did not see anything, but then again I heard a little MEOW.
There in the snow was the tiniest little white fur ball.
Since I was closer to school than at home, I tucked him inside my coat
and went directly to the Principal's office.
Fortunately for me Mr. Dooley was good friends with our family.
He let me keep Snowball (what I started to call that Lil kitten)
in the supply room which was next to his office.
He emptied a box full of of copy paper and found some rags to line it.
The ladies in the cafeteria warmed up milk and cooked up chicken for the little guy.
I checked on Snowball between classes for the rest of the day.
We ended up finding a good home for him as our dog did not like kitties.
It was for the best.

This time I am 14.
Gramma H was selling her farm and it was the morning of the auction.
All of her furniture was out on the lawn. 
It was a sad time, but what gramma had wanted.
One of my cousins really wanted a side table, but had no money to bid on.
I told my cousin..let's just ask gramma if you can have it.
One of my uncle's wife ( never liked the woman) 
Well my so-called aunt overheard us and told us that her sister wanted that table.
This particular aunt already had pilfered furniture from another house
my gramma owned, so she was not well liked by anyone.
My cousin and I ran into the house to ask gramma about the table,
and she said we could have it.
Of course the aunt followed right behind us and grabbed my arm
as I was running out the door and told me,
"You better not take that table"!
I simply told her that my cousin was family and SHE WAS NOT.
We ran and grabbed that table and hid it in the woods until
everyone was gone.
My cousin still has that table today.

 See, I did do some nice things for others. :-)

Now let's see what naughty and nice things you all did as a child.
Remember you must tell me one naughty and one nice thing you did in a comment.
Your name will then be entered to win Santa.
Drawing to be held sometime on Friday December 13th.

Good luck everyone.
I look forward to reading all of your lists!

Naughty and Nice Blessings To All!


  1. It all started when I was two....oh, your santa Janice! Sounds like you would have been fun to hang out with back in the day!
    I was a pretty good kid. However, I would snoop for hidden Christmas gifts - naughty. Nice - Tried to rescue a dog that was being abused by its owner. Wow, this one makes you think back on things. Stay warm and thanks for hosting this wonderful giveaway ♥Lisa

  2. Evening Janice, oh love that Santa, would love to win him..........Well naughty, when we were small I told my older Sister she was getting a Barbie Doll for her birthday, she had to act surprised.........Nice, always helped my Mom hang out the laundry, winter and summer, loved bringing in the frozen clothes, was so funny the way it stood up..........Thanks Janice, Blessings Francine.

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  4. love your Santa. Naughty--when I was in my teens, my sister always borrowed my clothes without asking so one day I hid some of her favorites under my mattress. I kept them for a couple weeks before I gave them back. We are great friends now but she live in CA so I don't get to see her enough. Nice--hmm two different times I helped dogs get out of the river in the winter. Where they got in I do not know no one in this area owns large dogs. The last dog was close to freezing and it was a pit bull. He was glad to get out for sure and after a few minutes he took off.

  5. Oh Janice your Santa is so cute and I think he would really love to come to Minnesota to live!
    Naughty...I ALWAYS snooped for gifts and even if they were wrapped I would carefully (at least I thought carefully) take off the tape and then tape them back up. One year my mom put different names on...I was so confused! LOL
    Nice...Being the oldest I always took that very seriously. I remember when my youngest brother was at the age of not really believing in Santa, I went all out to have the Santa magic for him that year.
    Be blessed,

  6. Hi Janice, what a wonderful giveaway! naughty thing I did as a child, my parents wouldn't let animals in the house, when they would leave to do farm work, my siblings and I would let all these cats in the house. When we couls see our parents coming, we would take them to the bathroom and carefully let them out the window. Nice, At Christmas time our church would buy things for an orphanage, I would save my money for this and enjoyed buying them things at Christmas time. hugs, Lecia

  7. Cute Santa! I would love to be entered...
    Naughty - when I was in high school my parents allowed me to have a Christmas party in the basement while they went out to dinner. Two boys went upstairs into our living room and started to fight. They ended up knocking over our Christmas tree, smashing ornaments everywhere. I hurried and fixed it best I could but never let my parents know what had happened.
    Nice - when I was little, I couldn't really afford gifts, so I took a calendar and taped polaroids of the family on the different months. I was so happy because everyone thought it was so creative.

  8. Naughty- I ran away from home and lived in my best friends attic for 4 days without her parents knowing about it. I only came home because I passed out from being too hot in the attic! NICE-The same friend that helped me to run away had a bad year when her parents split up and her mom was so stressed she forgot her birthday so I threw her a little party at my house and my mom helped me to make a cake and I spent my allowance on presents for her.

  9. cute Santa!
    when I was little, we had one of those bathroom sinks that hang on the wall. I climbed up on it and sat there making faces at myself in the mirror, until the whole thing fell off the wall and water went spewing everywhere from both lines. I use to run and hit our glass storm doors and purposely break them. One summer I broke 6 and my poor mom had to iron and wash clothes for people for us to live on, we were poor as dirt, but she wanted a door to keep out the rodents and flies.. I also broke my grandmother's antique 3 gallon crock, and lied about it, saying my brother did it. my list is endless.
    I don't think I was ever nice, I was a bratty kid, and made my siblings miserable. it is a wonder any of us survived me. I may be depressed all day after thinking about all this. ;-(


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