Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Stars Are So Bright

This time of the year
there are a zillion stars out at night.
Unable to get a picture of them though.
So I thought I would show you my indoor stars.
On the ceiling. 
Which reflect from our prim lighting.
Well after our January thaw of 60 degree weather a few weeks back,
now we are back into the bitter cold.
It was so cold and windy that we lost power overnight
for almost 3 hours.
Glad we were covered up in our cozy quilts.
Bob wanted some lunch and I had to run up to the bank
before I went to get his lunch.
 Today the river was so blue uptown,
however the temp on the bank sign read 23 degrees Fahrenheit.
Brrr..and tomorrow the high will only be 14.
 Tonight we will be getting 8 inches of snow.
It has started already....
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Starlight Blessings To All!


  1. Wonderful prim lighting Janice, always loved lights like that......So cold here, Lucky you tomorrow in the pluses.......Thats really soething losing power, yes, cuddle under those good ole`quilts.... Stay Cozy, Francine.

  2. Thankfully you were snug as a bug under those quilts.
    Love your prim lights.
    Keep warm friend.
    Woolie hugs

  3. Love how those tin lights and lamps reflect. Wow, 8 inches of snow. Would love snow but would not love it for the power to go out. Glad you got it back and it wasn't out for long. We loose power all the time in the summer when we have those awful thunder storms. I hate it! Take care and be careful in that beautiful white stuff.

  4. Pretty little stars on your ceiling. I got up to go to the bathroom the other night and looked out. There were a bazillion bright stars shining. It was so pretty.

  5. Love love love that light, Janice! And brr...that is cold...I just thought it was cold here, but I'll take a little of that snow, please. :)


  6. Cool lights. I love pretty reflections. About the the shipping season open yet or does it open back up in march.

  7. Love the light. Snow..............yes! Send it my way. We will be getting some, but not that much.

  8. I LOVE your new light. It os so pretty when it gets darker and it shines on the ceiling.

    Stay safe and warm, it is 2 degress here at 6:00 am not high at all today and night below 0.
    Very dangerous temps. here in Mass.
    We have the woodstove going so it is warm and toasty!
    Have a wonderful day,

  9. The light is beautiful!Stay safe and warm,such cold temps.Hugs,Jen

  10. I love the light. Can you send some of that snow down this way? We are supposed to see some freezing rain and sleet tomorrow. Wish it were snow. Hope your power stays on. Stay warm!


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