Saturday, January 5, 2013

Purging and Paying It Forward

Hi Ya'll
How are you today?
I'm just dandy, thank you.

My dad always told me if you give back
it comes back to you 10 times fold.

So when I saw Mandy's post,
I just wanted to join in.

2013 Creative Pay It Forward....

I will still do my random giveaways throughout 2013,
but this is exclusively designed
for the first 5 folks who comment to this post,
stating that they would
"Like to join in on the fun"!

These 5 folks will receive something special
from me sometime this year.

Since this will be a random surprise for only the first five,
remember ladies and gents,
I do own a prim antique store...hint, hint,
plus I am pretty crafty.

I can promise you it will be something that I would want to receive too!
Of course there are rules to this...

1. Those folks must make the same offer on their own blog
and follow through with the giving.

2. This is only open to USA and Canadian bloggers.
Sorry but the cost to ship International is out of my price range.

3. Remember when you comment you must say you want to join in on the
Pay It Forward 2013 to be counted.

4. I will comment back to the five for your emails and then you can
post the "Pay It Forward 2013" to your own blog.
So what do you say?
Do you have the time to give a little bit to someone else this year?
Do you want to receive some gifts yourself?
If you said yes to these questions,
then hurry and join in on the fun!
Cannot wait to see who wants to be a part of this wonderful gesture of giving.
Now back to my purging part of this post.
I am a pack rat by trade.
My maternal grandmother was a pack rat.
My mother is a pack rat.
Hello my name is Janice
I am also
This year I vowed to
I already started and with 4 large, enormous
garbage bags full,
I feel good about myself!
Started to also purge my Christmas decor until next year.

Two pictures of my cabinet displays.
Before Christmas

After Valentine
Do you think purging is a good thing?
Pack Rat Blessings to all!


  1. Hi I would love to be included in your giveaway

    1. I would love to join in on the rak pay it forward 2013_..just tell me what to do

    2. Hi Sarah Beth, please email me at with your email address. Thanks!

  2. Count me in! I will be doing a blog post about this later today! Sounds like a lot of fun.

    1. Ooopss...Didn't put it exactly like you said! I would love to join in on the pay it forward 2013. :)

  3. Sounds wonderful! I would have LOVED to join in Pay It Forward 2013 but I don't have a blog:(Have fun!


  4. I want to join in on the Pay It Forward 2013. Can you tell me what to do too. My email is

    How fun! I saw someone do this at a Thrift Store today. A lady bought the books a little boy behind her in line was buying. She told him to, "Pay it forward".


    1. Heather, please send me your full name and address at

  5. I had big intentions to do a lot of purging this year, especially with my Christmas decor. But so far I've only taken a small grocery sack full of stuff to Goodwill. LOL
    I have decided that I won't have anything stuffed in a box & stored in a closet though. Maybe when I see all that stuff out and in sight, I will want to declutter. Maybe?!

    'Pay it forward' sounds like fun, but I don't know if I could get 5 people to reply back to me. I don't get many comments on my blog. So I better pass. Darn.


  6. I would love to join the Pay It Forward 1213. This is so cool. Hope I am included.
    Thank you,

    1. Bev, please send me your full name and address to

  7. Hello, Janice...My name is Robin....and I am a pack rat too....Have been since I was old enough to pick anything up between my little pudgy baby fingers (so I'm told....) Yes, purging and decluttering is good (did I just say that?) - but oh, soooo painful! Sigh. I need to do some major excavating in a few areas too...but gonna have to wait until spring - after this term....

    Have fun with your RAK....I did one on my FB page - probably should have done it on my blog, as I don't have too many followers on my FB.... :o Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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